Seminar in Psychology

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Seminar in Psychology
Chapter 11: The Reviews
So…How well are you doing?
Training: Kim Sabinada
Measurement and Evaluation are considered to be interchangeable terms. Both require a review of: * Your materials
* The performance
* The learning taking place
Measuring Training
Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation Model (Introduced in 1959) Levels| Definition| Measurement Tools|
Level One: Reaction| Measures reaction to training and customer satisfaction| Smile Sheets – reaction sheets or mini survey which is designed to survey the audience on training performance| Level Two:Learning| Measures learning or what knowledge was learned| * Pre/Post-assessments * Paper & Pencil tests| Level Three: Behavior| Measures how much of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes have changed the on-the-job-results| * Pre/Post-surveys * Interviews with supervisors| Level Four: Results| Measures the impact on the organization based on the training| * Pre/Post-assessments * Cost vs. Benefits Analysis|

Performance-Based Perspective
Trainer: Alyssa Marie F. Macabulos/ Ma. Dannabelle Edland
Ultimate Measurement:
“How well the employee consistently performs against the standard in the workplace” * Measurement should not be limited on the end of the training, measurement should be done on the entire learning experience Cycle of Performance-Based Training

* A model that can provide a systematic approach to how we look at training and measurement Link to the Business

Figure 1. Cycle of Performance-Based Training
The Cycle of Performance-Based Training includes:
* Measurement of audience knowledge throughout the training experience * Behavioral measurement of how employees transfer what they learned into the workplace * Measurement of business results

* Measurement of the quality of training from the audience’s perspective * Performance-based training is grounding in the belief successful training begins with linking the training directly to the business strategy and goals. Training is operational goals have been achieved Link to the Business Strategy and Goals

When designing measurement of training, you must consider the following: * Company’s Mission and Vision
* Goals and Key Initiatives
* The operational business partners (like department managers)

Identify the Learning Objectives and Set the Performance Standards After establishing the measurable learning objectives, clear standards of performance for each objective must be recognized. When setting performance standards be sure to consider the following: * Identify specific standards or best practices associated with the objectives * Break down the steps to the task or job

* Establish a measurement for each step
* Review specific job competencies
* Competencies (Accoring to Patricia McLagan’s Competencies: The Next Generation: * Task Competencies – Usually defined as job task or activities. * Result Competencies – Define a result, example would be the ability to produce profits * Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude Competencies – Subject matter, process abilities, and attitudes, values, orientations and commitments are called competencies Train for Success on the Standards

Once the Learning Objectives and Standards of Performance have been set, you must determine how to train to meet these standards. Measuring Performance Against the Standard
This process measure the audience’s performance on the job against the standards and behaviors they were trained on Effective measurement tools can include:
* Script audits
* Telephone audits
* Observation Checklists
* Inspections
* Quality audits
* Secret Shoppers
* Skill-based certification tests

Measuring Tools| Uses| Example| Advantages| Disadvantages| Script Audits – A simple form which lists 10-15 behaviors that should be displayed in interactions with customers,...
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