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Experiment Name
Lab Partners


MHS FOS-SDA LAB REPORT RUBRIC | Value(1 – 4 or NG for not graded)| Purpose / Objective| |
Expectation(s)| |
Materials| |
Procedure(s)| |
Observations/Data| |
Analysis of Data| |
Conclusion| |
Grammar & Spelling| |
Lab Participation| |

PURPOSE:| The statement of the purpose should explain the reason for doing the experiment. Describe what you are exploring, verifying, measuring or investigating.|

EXPECTATIONS: | This section should state what you expect the results to be. Show the equations that will support your expectations.|

MATERIALS:| A list of all materials used in the lab as part of the procedure.|

PROCEDURE:| The section contains a numbered step by step method used to collect the data. (DO NOT repeat the procedure word for word from the lab handout.) The procedure should be worded so that someone else can use your procedure to do the experiment. Do not write what you did, but how to do the experiment for example:DO NOT write, “We dropped the picket fence through the photogate.”Instead write “Drop the picket fence through the photogate.”You should also include a labeled sketch or image of the experimental set-up.|

OBSERVATIONS:| This section is where data should be organized in a properly labeled table where applicable. Graphs of the data points should be organized and properly labeled. Graphs may be attached if they do not fit in this section. Observations MUST be written in complete sentences. If applicable, one sample calculation should be included for each process, clearly showing the method by which each answer was determined. Your results should reflect careful measurements and reasonably accurate data.|

ANALYSIS OF DATA:| Analyze your data and graphs to see if any trends can be established or calculated. Calculate...
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