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Scientific Article Worksheet

Title: Spiny Mice Modulate Eumelanin to Pheomelanin Ratio to Achieve Cryptic Coloration in “Evolution Canyon,” Israel

Authors: Natarajan Sigaravelan, Tomas Pavlicek, Alex Beharav, Kazumasa Wakematsu, Shosuke Ito, Evaitar Nevo

Journal: Plos one

Volume, year, pages: Vol. 5 Issue 1, January 2010, p1

Scientific Article Overview

Download this document and type your answers after each question. For each question provide a brief but complete answer to the question (you should write in complete sentences and proofread your work for spelling and grammatical errors). Note that the answer may be found in more than one place. Remember that you should write in your own words. Do not copy and paste from the original article!!!

1. Why is this research important?
This research is important because animals attain concealment when overall body color resembles their background in which they live and cryptic coloration could be attained only through optimization between the yellow to brown colored pheomelanin and gray to black colored eumelanin in the hairs, and no study has explored this yet.

2. What is the hypothesis or goal of the research?
The hypothesis or goal of the research is that spiny mice would exert relatively higher pheomelanin content on the AS than on the ES because AS habitat is dry with light yellow-brown backgrounds to increase survival fitness by reducing the potential to be detected by predators.

3. What are the major methods used?
The major methods they used were they used a total of 30 mice captured from the opposing slopes and 14 were caught from the AS including the upper, middle, and lower parts. In addition, the other 16 were caught from the ES and each of them putted in individual cages. This was to consist for all individuals to standardize sample collections for hair melanin analysis.

4. What are the major results?
The major results of the experiment was that individuals...
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