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SDM Assignment

Group Members

MSONICE : Introduction:
“MSONICE” is basically engaged in manufacturing of office bags.
We are already established in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. We now want to expand our business in Ahmedabad.
We manufacture high quality office bags using best quality material and thus our bags are sturdy and durable.
Our target market is the professionals in Ahmedabad. These bags will be useful to them in daily routine.
Our bags will be of premium and semi-premium range.
We are looking for the intermediaries who would help us reach the end customers. Sales force required will be around 5-6 personnel in every area to reach maximum number of customers.
The policy of the intermediaries should be consistent with ours (after sales service, exchange policy-7/10 days, warranty of 6 months which includes stitching and zips).
They should be ready to keep our entire product range.
Intermediaries should help promote our bags by promotion activities at various corporate houses.
We have a 30 day credit policy.
Since we are new, we will provide attractive schemes and high margins to intermediaries.
As our product is non-perishable, So no specific or special storage facility is required. We have our own warehouses which can deliver within a day.
We will follow a mix distribution channel. We “Msonice Bags” are looking for starting our business in Ahmedabad and are looking for intermediaries for the same. For this we have made a few criteria that the intermediaries must fulfil to the maximum possible level.

The list of criteria is as follows:

1. Whether the intermediary is dealing with our target market segment. If not that is it ready to deal with our targeted market segment.
2. Is the sales force of the intermediary sufficiently large?
3. Is the sales force of the intermediary well trained
4. The regional location of the intermediary.
5. Are the promotional policies of the intermediary

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