Safolla Cooking Oil

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Saffola Cooking Oil – The Repositioning Journey
Harsh Mariwala joined the family business in 1971 was first called ‘Bombay Oil Industries Ltd.’. in 1983 BOIL formed three divisions. In April 1990 BOIL was restructured. One of the division was made into separate company named Marico Industrial Limited (Marico). The major operating division of marico were nature care and health care. In the 1960s, Saffola one of Marico’s product launched as edible oil category. Safolla consumer was typically an urban dweller, in the age group of 45+ years, male and belonging to Socio-economic Classification (SEC). Because of this, Marico started to promote Saffola as a brand for the healthy heart. Product Information:

Saffola is a healthy cooking oil because it has higher PuFa (Poly unsaturated Fatty acid). Brand variants of Marico: Saffola (Kardi Oil)
Saffola Tasty (Safflower and corn oil blend) lower price and the corn ingredient was expected to perform better than original Saffola in terms of taste. Business / Industry situation:
Saffola growth had been steady for over a decade leading up to the turn of the century. But, in 2001 it faced stagnating sales. Consumer’s mind is quite struggling to change. Most people consume Saffola is because of the recommendation from their doctors. Competition situation:

The intensity of competition was increased. Sundrop, one of Saffola competitor had increased their advertising expenditures. And new competitors also entered the market. Gold Winner with lower price point being a strong competitor in South India. Marketing Mix:

Product: Saffola, Saffola Tasty
Price: Premium to low price
Place: Retailers
Launched campaigns : “Hospital”, “Sehat Se Jeena Hai”, “Kal Se” Established Saffola Healthy Heart Foundation
Informed and educating Doctors, specifically cardiologists about benefits in using Saffola cooking oil. Because they were identified as key influencers. Problem Definition:
Changing people’s mind...
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