S-V Agreement

Topics: Grammatical modifier, Noun phrase, Sentence Pages: 6 (1464 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Identify the S, the V and the HV
1. Inside the house, the children shouted merrily.
2. No doubt, Elisa called at the top of her voice.
3. Unable to bear the pain, Minda cried for hours and hours. 4. Their eyes fixed on their professor, the students listened attentively. 5. All the sturdy trees had been blown down by the storm. 6. Does a newly born infant eat much?

7. Did the professor go out a while ago?
8. Should Elmer have called to us?
9. Will our class be dismissed at five o’clock.
10. Why did you look at me significantly?
11. Where should we have gone after the game?
12. Should we not have waited a little while longer?
13. Will you be going to school at seven o’clock tomorrow? 14. Did you enroll early this semester?
15. Late in the evening, the visitors left with the greatest reluctance. Add two or three word modifiers to each subject.
Model: That book is not expensive.
That child’s new coloring book is not expensive.

1. The sea extended before them.
2. The storm raged all night.
3. The wind blew over the grass.
4. His pen is expensive.
5. The children played all afternoon.
6. The mountain was soon reached.
7. A toy will please any child.
8. This student will get good grades.
9. That student will probably fail.
10. This novel is interesting.
11. Their car was bought in the U.S.
12. A paragraph is not difficult to write.
13. The bird flew from branch to branch.
14. A doll is a welcome gift.
15. Her shoes are very attractive.
Expand the following S-V patterns by adding one or two words after each verb.
Model: He spoke. He spoke naturally.
He spoke softly and naturally.

1. The child played
2. Piedad stood up.
3. Joe laughed
4. The tree fell.
5. The water rose.
6. The wind blew
7. The professor smiled.
8. The dog ran.
9. The string broke.
10. The door closed.
11. Elsa danced.
12. The swing broke.
13. Pedro read.
14. The window banged.
15. The teacher swam.
Expand the S-V pattern by adding word or phrase modifiers to the S or V as indicated in parenthesis.
Model: The tree fell.
Possible Expansions:
1. The old acacia tree fell. (Word modifier before subject) 2. The tree in our garden fell. (Phrase modifier added to subject) 3. The tree fell instantly. (Word modifier added to verb) 4. The tree fell with much noise. (Phrase modifier added to verb)

1. My pen leaks. (Add word modifier to subject)
2. Gossip spreads. (Add word modifier to verb)
3. The dog barked. (Add phrase modifier to verb)
4. The bell rang. (Add phrase modifier to subject)
5. The cannons roared. (Add phrase modifier to subject)
6. The thunder reverberated. (Add word modifier to verb)
7. The girls sang. (Add word modifier to subject)
8. The public applauded. (Add phrase modifier to verb)
9. The rain fell. (Add phrase modifier to verb)
10. The sun shone. (Add word modifier to verb)
11. The bells tolled (Add phrase modifier to verb)
12. The Girl’s glasses broke. (Add Phrase modifier to verb) 13. Modesty speaks. (Add phrase to subject and word modifiers to verb) 14. The actor was applauded. (Add word modifiers to subject and phrase modifier to verb) 15. Loyalty is rewarded. (Add phrase modifier to verb)

Pick out the S, the V and the O.
1. An Understanding of muscle brings much satisfaction.
2. How can we deepen our understanding of this art?
3. Why does love of music bring so much pleasure ?
4. All types of music have a great deal of expressive power. 5. Consequently, people like music for different reasons. 6. A number of people lose themselves in the loveliness of the melody. 7. Others attend concert to enter into another world.

8. Music, however , does not only provide escape from the disagreeable aspects of this world. 9. Oftentimes ,...
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