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S.E.S PESONA SDN.BHD was founded on 15 August 2002 at the Companies Commission of Malaysia and led by Tuan Haji Said Ihsan. The company runs a wholesale business Textile Ready Made Garment & Muslim Scarf. SES Pesona first began operations in Wisma Hopoh and followed by two more branches in a same place. Thus, began to grow in Sarawak as at Bintang Megamall Miri, Miri Boulevard Shopping Complex and also at Satok, Kuching. Around the year 2008, SES Pesona branches spread in Peninsular Malaysia in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and also in the Arcade Risya, Jalan Masjid India. In Kuala Lumpur, SES Pesona run the business on sale at wholesale to its customers not only from the sale of fabrics and even the latest hijab fashion diversity and modern kurung, baju kurung pahang and robes. In April 2012, SES Pesona has produced one subsidiary under which named "Boutique Ustazah" located in Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor. Business concept that was done is the latest variation of the loose lid and modern. Then on 9 June 2012, SES Pesona has opened another branch in Shah Alam next to Boutique Ustazah. The concept Boutique featured business is to sell the clothes and the robe readymade. Now, SES Pesona Sdn. Bhd can be proud after 10 years, has 15 branches and listed among the 10 Largest Wholesalers in Malaysia.

Over 10 years of operational experience has taught that if something does not add value, there is no point in doing it. The same holds true for the role relative to acquired companies. SES Pesona prefers to work through the Director and corporate level management to enhance the competitive position and performance of a company. Every year, the performance of company increasing on the employee levels, profit level, and management system level.

Processed-Form Approach is the dimension of internal environment. For adopting this approach, the organization uses information in a processed form available from different sources both inside and outside the organization. When an organization uses information supplied by government agencies or private institutions, it uses secondary sources of data and the information is available in a processed form. The dimension of the external environment which interested is the economic dimension. Economics can be described as the social science that deals with the production, allocation and distribution of scare resources in order to please the unlimited wants and needs that individuals boast. Economics is also research into aspects such as interest rates, inflation, gross national product and unemployment in order to predict the direction of the economy.


Year| Profit ( RM )|
2002| 780320|
2003| 800211|
2004| 1100266|
2005| 900522|
2006| 1650850|
2007| 854650|
2008| 1880733|
2009| 1700322|
2010| 1800020|
2011| 2000650|


Customer Service

The top five problems of customer service are problems with customer service itself, and not the problems encountered by customers that cause them to contact the company. There are actually many problems of customer service and what may be the top five problems for some companies may not be problems at all for other firms. The first problem with customer service is lack of training. When employees are not thoroughly trained to deal with their daily tasks, they are more likely to make mistakes that will raise the ire of customers. There must be enough time and resources spent on continuous training. First hire training is critical for informing the employees about the company vision, mission, goals, and particular job responsibilities. More than that, there must also be continuous training that will update customer service representatives (CSRs) with new skills, knowledge, and technology that will help...
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