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Rudeness at the Movies

On average, most Americans go out to public places to eat and for activities. Majority might agree that public outings are no longer as pleasant of an experience. Going to the movies is becoming one of the less appealing outings for the general public. Movie goers alike can see that reasons such as, overly disruptive teens, obnoxious gabbers, and uncontrolled theaters are to blame for the decline of enjoyment and satisfaction at the movies.

In the article, “Rudeness at the Movies,” writer Bill Wine descriptively tells of issues regarding displays of improper public behavior at the movies, who is to blame, and how to fix it. Wine discusses his concerns of the all too comfortable behavior being brought to the movies. He depicts these instances as being at times, coincidental misfortune and others, just plain rudeness. The writer tells of all levels of rudeness from the non-stop gabbers to the tell-all’s who predict all the scenes out loud. He also gets into more horrendous but tolerable issues such as, a too-tall person sitting in front, or women with excessive perfume. He feels all disturbances are annoying, but excessive talking is inexcusable. Wine states how television at home is to blame. People are becoming used to the constant disturbances in the home life, that they bring their behavior out with them to the movies. The audience has become accustomed to not having to be quiet and forget when they are out in public. Wine then tells how even

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though a crowd can be annoying at times, they are the key ingredient to making the theater experience more enjoyable and says, “And something is lost viewing a movie in almost total isolation…”, Bill Wine (741), this being expressed through audience participation in infectious laughter during a comedy or...
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