S Canada's Government Effective?

Topics: Canada, Democracy, Government of Canada Pages: 3 (1183 words) Published: January 7, 2011
Position Paper 3: Is Canada’s Government effective?

Canada is run by a government. Many people wonder if it is effective or not. There will always be a battle between the effectives and the non-effectives. The effectives believe that Canada’s government is effective and it is making choices that are helping the citizens and Canada. On the other hand the non-effectives believe that Canada’s government is bad. They might be saying that the government isn’t helping anyone and Canada. This issue is going on for a long time. I am siding with the effectives because I do believe that the Canadian’s government is helping the citizens and Canada. There are many ways that the government is effective. One way is the process of laws. The law starts out as a bill which is suggested by the House of Commons. The House of Commons debate over of which laws should made. After that the law/bill is sent to the Senate. In the Senate the same process occurs. The Senate has 3 options for the bill/law. They can pass, reject or send it back. If the bill/law passes it then needs to get the royal assent from the governor general. If he gives the assent the bill will become a law. The bill/law will only be suggested if it is helping the citizens of Canada and Canada its self. The government is also effective because of how the cities and towns are developing and growing. The cities are developing and growing because of taxes. The taxes are what are paying for the development and growth of cities all over Canada. Another reason why the government of Canada is effective because the Canadian government is looking after all groups of people. As we know it the Canadian government is helping farmers reach a new market for specialty ingredients. The government paid Radient Technologies $1.1 million dollars to introduce a new technology for extracting valuable compounds from plants. With that there will be more jobs for people in Canada and new markets for farmers. Our Canadian government gives...
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