Topics: Book of Ruth, Family, Marriage Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: June 13, 2014
A little history: This story actually began some years prior when Naomi and her husband Elimelech, fled their hometown in Judah to escape famine. They also had 2 sons which fled with them. They moved to Moab, which was a town that was polytheistic and did not serve the same God that Naomi’s family served. One day, Naomi’s husband died and she was left with only her 2 sons. Well Naomi’s 2 sons eventually married 2 women of Moab named Orpah and Ruth and they lived there for about 10 years until Naomi’s 2 sons died. So Naomi fled her native country to flee certain death due to famine and ended up losing her husband and her 2 sons. Back in that time, the man was the security for the woman. So after the tragedy of losing her family, Naomi heard that the famine in her native land was over and that the Lord was blessing His people, so she decided it was time to return; however, she also had her daughter in laws with her and they decided they would return with Naomi to a land they had never been to. In the midst of their journey, Naomi stopped and told the daughter in laws that they should go back home to their mothers in the land of Moab. She offered up a prayer that the Lord would bless each one of them by being kind to them because of the kind spirit they had in dealing with their deceased husbands as well as Naomi in her time of need. She also prayed that they would find security in new husbands because Naomi knew that men provided security for women and she wanted nothing less for her daughter in laws. She did not think it would possible for them to find new husbands in her homeland and because she loved them that much, she thought she would sacrifice her own love for them, so they could be happy and secure. They all cried and hugged each other and assured Naomi that they wanted to return to Judah with her and again Naomi told them it would be better to go back and start a new life back in their old community. Naomi told them that she had no other...
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