RRL for Mechanical Production of Electricity

Topics: Electricity, Electric current, Electric charge Pages: 2 (991 words) Published: December 13, 2013
Review of Related Literature
Group 2 (IV-Assumption)
Background information: (Local)
Based on http://www.zamboanga.com, Caringo , Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines is experiencing too many black outs, they also state that they don’t rely on Diesel fuel and coal for their Electricity, because in their place there are many renewable and sustainable source of energy like Hydro Power, Solar Power, and Wind Power. Background information: (Foreign)

According to http://www.bbc.co.uk Peru is also experiencing life without electricity as it is in Caringo,Merecedes,Camarines Norte, Philippines. It is stated that life is harder without electricity. Electric light especially is in most of need, because people cannot continue their activities after dark, this also affects the children in schools when reading or writing. Theories and data of existing problem

According to (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=electricity-gap-developing-countries-energy-wood-charcoal) 130 years ago Thomas Edison had created an artificial light to be used for the humanities sake, but there is still one quarter of the world’s population or 1.5 Billion people (mostly on Africa and South Asia) that lacks on electricity despite of other nations that is continuing to grow in terms of technology and electricity like USA and China. Because this nations that lack on electricity still don’t have access on modern fuels like natural gas, kerosene and etc. Instead they are using charcoal and woods that causes pollution and health problems. Researchers are recommending these Nations to switch to more efficient energy for their own health. Some of the people think that this 1.5 billion people without electricity is a good thing because this will lessen the possibility releasing heat trapping gases that will soon cause Global Warming.

Subjects related to the problem:
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