Roles Within the Family

Topics: Family, Mother, Marriage Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: February 27, 2013
1. Describe the characters of the family and their roles.
Jay - Is a Dad and a Grand-dad, his role is to be the more masculine man of the family. Jay is married to a younger attractive women since he divorced his ex wife. Jay struggles to grasp the idea of gay couples and is a more traditional type of man. Jay has 2 children Claire and Mitchel and a step son Manny. Jay likes to be the boss of the whole family, and tends to never admit he is wrong. The role of Jay is to represent the typical strict Dad that is rich. Gloria - Is a young, attractive, loud lady from Cuba. She is a typical girl who looks stupid just based on her looks. Gloria gets judged rather a lot, however, her husband loves her to bits, even though she does drive people the wall a lot. Gloria's role is to be a eye candy for the audience, she is the entertainment for the family. Manny - Manny is a young boy, however, he acts like a young man, He is very sensible and is intrigued in the world. He plays a role of being a counselor a businessman, the nanny and many more. He is there for the other children when the adults aren't, even though he isn't the oldest. Claire - Claire is a very bossy Mum, she loves to be in control, and cannot stand anyone else taking that control away from her. Claire is the stereotypical over protective and over controlling mum. Phil - Phil is very much like his son, he loves to play and is still very much a child at heart. Phil doesn't usually get stressed, he doesn't get worked up over things, he is the opposite to his wife. However, Phil does like pampering every now and again, and doesn't understand girls, especially his wife. Alex - Alex loves reading, school, education, she is very sensible and doesn't get along with her other sister Hayley. Alex's school life is extremely important to her, she isn't very popular and prefers to stay in the shadows. Her role is to be the "nerdy girl" of the family. Hayley - Hayley is the typical teenager of the family, she...
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