Roles/Functions of Human Resources

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"Roles of HRM"

Roles of HRM

Pepper K. Metoyer

Grantham University

Function 1: Manpower planning

It has been proven that there are penalties for not being correctly staffed. When a company is either understaffed, or overstaffed, it can become costly, as well as detrimental to the welfare of the company and its employers, and employees. a. Understaffing can have a company lose its business economy, specialization, orders, customers and profits. b. Overstaffing can be wasteful as well as expensive for the company/ business. If sustained, overstaffing will be costly to eliminate because of today’s work ethic, and financial and salary cap. Very importantly, overstaffing reduces the competitive efficiency of the business. When planning an assessment at staff level this will require present and future needs of the company to be compared with present resources and future predicted resources. Once all company options, and company planning, have been made, this will evolve into further planning for recruitment, training, retraining, labor reductions, early retirement and redundancy or even changes in the workforce. This will also bring supply and demand into play, not just as a once and a while exercise, but a continuing workforce planning exercise.

Function 2: Recruitment and selection of employees

Recruitment of staff should be done by analyzing the job to be done like for instance an analytical study of the work to be performed to determine all correct and essential factors that are written into the job description so that the selectors know what physical and mental characteristics applicants must possess, and what qualities and attitudes are desired and what characteristics are a decided disadvantage; In the case of replacement of staff is and can be a critical question of the need to recruit at all. While, replacement of employees should never be an automatic process, at times it can be called for, and or necessary. However, there should always be an effective selection when “'buying” an employee (this is the price, wage or salary multiplied by probable years of service) however bad buys can be very expensive. For instance some companies (when coming to particular jobs) use external expert consultants for recruitment and selection. Sometimes small organizations hire to “head hunt” or to attract staff/ employees with high reputations from other existing employers to do the recruiting. However, sometimes companies make poor selection in the hiring, even for the mundane day-to-day jobs, but those recruited and selected should be well trained to judge the suitability of the applicants, like for instance, and starting with internal promotion.

Function 3: Employee motivation,

When trying to keep your staff happy and motivated and wanting them to give their best while at work. You have to pay attention to your employee’s financial and psychological and even physiological welfare. Doing this requires basic financial rewards and their working hours per week, as well as bi-weekly along with staffing needs that vary with productivity of the workforce; while the technicalities of payment and other systems may be the concern of others, the outcome of them is a matter of great concern to human resource management, and employee morale. This will increase the influence of personal behavior and employee motivation, which will have your worker wanting to produce more service at a more professional level. The employee will want to go farther, and will boost themselves to become more competitive, satisfied in the work place, more involved, more participation, and strive to move up the internal corporate ladder.

But Human Resource Management must act as a source of information about and a source of inspiration for the applicant.

Function 4: Employee Evauation

Any organization is going to need to constantly take stock of its workforce and assess its performance in existing jobs for three reasons:...
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