role of rda in economic development of bangladesh

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Rural Development Academy, Bogra is a national level Training and Research Institute of Rural Development established in 1974 under the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives. The major objectives of the Academy are to (i) offer training to the personnel of different nation building departments and agencies involve in rural development works; (ii) conduct research and action research or pilot experiments in different aspects of rural development; and (iii) offer consultancy services to different national and international agencies as well as NGOs on various rural development issues. To achieve the objectives, the Academy has been working on a wide range of rural development activities since 1974 with slightly more emphasis on exploring and managing water resources as a means of rural development. Availability of surface water during dry season becomes scarce both for irrigation and human consumption. So the ground water has become increasingly important source of irrigation, human drinking and other uses. Presently over 70% of irrigation and over 90% of potable water needs of the country are met from ground water. In such a backdrop ground water table goes below the suction level of STW and HTW, especially in the dry season due to misuse. This hampers supply of water for irrigation as well as drinking in many places of Bangladesh. Of late the quality of water has been traced to deteriorate with excessive arsenic contamination and iron concentration resulting in health hazard. Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra has successfully carried out experiments in the field of water resources management and development, especially, in respect of optimum utilization of scarce water resources and has developed a model of multi-purpose use of DTW. The model includes: (i) partial buried pipe irrigation system; (ii) low and medium cost lined channel; (iii) compacted earthen channel; (iv) domestic water supply from irrigation well (v) installation of low-cost DTW with water filtration plants etc. In order to replicate these models of exploration and management of water, Academy organized several programmes for demonstration and training of the officials of BADC, LGED, DAE and BRDB.

1.2.Origin of the Report

As one of the partial program of our B.S.S degree we recently visited RDA, Bogra on 26-28 January, 2013. It was an orientation program/ study tour at the place. The project visit is a dynamic approach for practical knowledge. During the period we were basically introduced with the irrigation & water management, bio-gas plant management. We also learnt about the PRA strategy which is a vast term. RDA, Bogra is a large successful institution in Bangladesh in providing training on basic research methodology especially in rural development. RDA, Bogra has already made significant progress within a very short period of its existence. After visiting we have been asked to prepare a report on the 03 days study tour focusing our learning on that tour.

So this report is the result of some findings on three days visit at RDA(Rural Development Academy), Bogra.

1.3 Scope of the study

The report will mainly cover about a short brief of RDA (Rural Development Academy), Bogra, various fields of its functions. In the infrastructure development of Bangladesh RDA, Bogra is playing a vital role through providing various training, seminars & study tours. There are enormous research papers & internet reports available to introduce RDA. But it is our small effort to introduce RDA, Bogra & their role in Bangladesh through the report.

1.4 Objective of the study

The main objectives of the study are stated below-

To assess the valuable practical knowledge.
To relate institutional knowledge with the organizational activities. To visualize the overall performance of a research conducting organization. To prepare the report by...

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