Role Models in Today’s Society Essay Example

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Role model, this phrase forms an interesting play on words. Although it has come to have a variety of connotations, from a source of inspiration to a social icon, the word quite literally means a model for a role, a person one can strive to emulate. The notion of role model is unequivocally associated with the youth. It is the young, with the unlimited possibility of the future before them, who are influenced by the people the aspire to emulate. This is why the question of role models become important, as an insight into the views of the leaders of tomorrow. The role models people choose reflect the type of values that the hold dear and the type of society they will create in the years to come.

There was a time when the youth of the world had a role model, to look up to, who were worthy of their admiration. They were the policemen, doctors, lawyers and the teachers, the youth admired them because they represented ideals, such as fidelity, bravery and integrity. Ideal that the youth wanted to embody. Fifty years ago when you asked a child what he wanted to become when he grow up, these were the universal replies. Starry eyes children looked up to them because they demonstrated what could be achieved through hard work and dedication.

But somewhere along the way we have abandoned these ideals and lost that dream. We no longer cheer when the white hats save the day. Now we look for our inspiration and moral guidance from prepubescent pop princesses, and lip-singing celebrities, and our role models have ceased being the embodiment of elegance, poise, and valour, they now only symbolise fame, sex and money.

The youth today are flooded with a plethora of poor choices of role models. Celebrities and athletes charge for a superior position while the truly admirable of society are discharged. Musicians, actors, ad athletes are known for their luxuries lifestyles, their existence outside the laws of men. They are admired because they embody what success is in the...
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