Rhetorical Analysis (Poem) Essay Example

Pages: 3 (1328 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Matt Vavala
Intro to Lit
October 11, 2012
Rhetorical Analysis: “Poem” In the poem “Poem”, muMs da Schemer gives critiques on society as a whole as having inadequate functionality, lacking the necessary building blocks needed to progress and also gives descriptions of his personal experiences and characteristics that represent the person who he is today. The poet muMs da Schemer breaks down his poem into three different stanzas with a total of twenty lines. The style used is short yet informative and directly to the point with vast descriptions. His description of himself gives off a well-rounded, stern individual who came from “where fights is born” (4). The tone during the poem is very assertive, very sure about what defines him as a person positive about what may or may not represent him and shows how he is not weak nor easily torn down. These critiques along with Schemer’s representation can be exemplified throughout his use of alliteration, rhyme scheme and imagery. Within the author’s diction, alliteration is present throughout numerous points in the poem. He uses this poetic technique to capture his reader’s attention and to put more emphasis on the lines he wants to have an impact and the lines that are bound to be remembered, in a way, defining the piece of work. In line eight, stanza two he writes “…the way, the wisdom, the wish, the will…”all four beginning with “W” to exemplify a repetitive organization for further emphasis on the journey of how one will start with admiration to achieve something, create or find a goal and eventually reach that goal with total satisfaction (8). This is a form of alliteration with the reoccurrence of the same letter to connect the words in a way that makes an impact on the reader as well as a more informative aspect of the sentence this alliteration is within. In the following line this rhetorical device also takes place as Schemer writes, “the tree, the try, the...
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