Topics: Unemployment, Infectious disease, Infection Pages: 2 (908 words) Published: October 21, 2014
Organization of an essay To produce a good academic essay, students should be able to write an introduction with an appropriate thesis statement. They should produce relevant topic sentences to support the thesis statement. Based on the topic sentences, they should produce supporting sentences and details in order to develop their paragraphs. Finally, they should write a conclusion with a restatement of thesis and summarizing remarks, implications, or recommendations. The Thesis Statement The thesis statement contains the main idea of the entire essay. It has four distinct features, as follows 1. It contains the topic and controlling idea. For example Regular exercise is essential for the physical, mental, and emotional health of all age groups. Here, the topic is regular exercise for all age groups while the controlling idea is physical, mental, and emotional health. 2. It expresses an opinion, not a fact. For example Obesity is harmful because it leads to physical, psychological, and social problems. 3. It is written as a complete sentence, not a phrase or a question. For example The Internet is a useful tool for students as they can use it for academic, entertainment, and communication purposes. 4. It is usually placed at or near the end of the introductory paragraph. Air travel and the spread of infectious diseases Introductory paragraph with a thesis statement Air travel has become a popular means of transportation, especially for businesspeople. The number of air travelers has increased tremendously due to globalization and international trade. The tourism industry is expanding rapidly in many countries, which boosts air travel. Air travel is becoming increasingly more affordable with the increase in budget airlines, for example Air Asia. Unfortunately, air travel tends to increase the spread of infectious diseases. For example, SARS, which originated from China had spread to...
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