Restaurant Automation Software Requirements Specification

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Restaurant Automation
Software Requirement Specification
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TOC \o "1-2" \h \z 1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc395480747 \h 61.1Purpose PAGEREF _Toc395480748 \h 61.2Scope PAGEREF _Toc395480749 \h 61.3Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations PAGEREF _Toc395480750 \h 71.4Overview PAGEREF _Toc395480751 \h 72Overall Description PAGEREF _Toc395480752 \h 82.1Product perspective PAGEREF _Toc395480753 \h 82.2Product functions PAGEREF _Toc395480754 \h 82.3User characteristics PAGEREF _Toc395480755 \h 92.4Constraints PAGEREF _Toc395480756 \h 103FUNCTIONAL Requirements PAGEREF _Toc395480757 \h 113.1The actors PAGEREF _Toc395480758 \h 113.2The use cases PAGEREF _Toc395480759 \h 113.3Use Cases Diagram PAGEREF _Toc395480760 \h 123.3.1<Functional Requirement one> PAGEREF _Toc395480761 \h 144NON-FUNCTIONAL Requirements PAGEREF _Toc395480762 \h 314.1Usability PAGEREF _Toc395480763 \h 314.2Reliability PAGEREF _Toc395480764 \h 314.3Performance PAGEREF _Toc395480765 \h 314.4Supportability PAGEREF _Toc395480766 \h 314.5Design Constraints PAGEREF _Toc395480767 \h 314.6On-line User Documentation and Help System Requirements PAGEREF _Toc395480768 \h 324.7Purchased Components PAGEREF _Toc395480769 \h 324.8Interfaces PAGEREF _Toc395480770 \h 324.9Licensing Requirements PAGEREF _Toc395480771 \h 334.10Legal, Copyright, and Other Notices PAGEREF _Toc395480772 \h 334.11Applicable Standards PAGEREF _Toc395480773 \h 335Supporting Information PAGEREF _Toc395480774 \h 34ZK, Framework,J2EE,Java, Web Service,JSP, Servlet,HTML,EJB 3,JDBC 4,JQuery PAGEREF _Toc395480775 \h 34IntroductionMany restaurants today still use the same basic methods from years ago to handle orders from customers. Often times this leads to complicated coordination of activities between chefs and waiters. This also means that other tedious tasks, such as inventory checks, fall to the managers to perform. This project seeks to introduce automation in privately-owned restaurants to alleviate some of the problems associated with current restaurant management practices. PurposeThe goal for this project is to introduce automation in privately-owned restaurants, that is, small- to medium-sized establishments. Typical problems restaurant personnel are facing include: • Coordination of their work activities

• Anticipating and handling periods of low/high patron traffic • Recognizing trends early enough to take advantage of bestsellers or abandon the flops • Lowering operating costs, and increasing efficiency/productivity and profits

ScopeThe aim of this project is to develop a software system that would eliminate the need of traditional pen/paper approach for privately- owned restaurants. The project is focused on making the restaurant fully automated such that it is easier to co-ordinate various work activities that go on inside a typical restaurant. The main features of the project include: Organizing a database for a medium sized restaurant

Coordinating work activities of the various actors – Host, Waiter, Cook, Busboy and Manager Increase efficiency by minimizing time between an order is placed and the billing Increase profits by reducing operating costs and increasing revenues by increasing efficiency Archiving information of the workers and hours worked

Definitions, Acronyms, and AbbreviationsManager - Manages inventory, payroll, employee list...
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