Resolution of vector

Topics: Euclidean vector, Force, Vector space Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: September 22, 2014

Resolution of vector
The main objective of this lab is to add and resolve vectors using three distinct methods. 1) Graphical:
When two forces act upon an object, their combined effect can be determined by adding the vectors, which represent forces. One method of performing this addition is known as graphical method of vector addition. In this method, arrows are drawn in the direction of forces. The lengths of arrows are proportional to the magnitude of vectors. The resultant is formed by constructing the parallelogram with the two-component serving.

2) Analytical:
In analytical method, vectors are added by finding the component of each vector projected along the axis of some coordinate system. The vector are written in the i , j format and added. The resultant is then found and expressed in terms of its magnitude and direction by using Pythagoras theorem and trigonometric functions.

3) Experimental:
Vectors can be added experimentally using a force table. The force table consists of a machined metal or plastic plate mounted on a stand. The plate has angular markings and a centering pin. Pulleys are attached to the plate and aligned with the angular markings. Weights hung from the pulleys exert forces on a centering ring. When the forces are balanced, the centering ring is aligned with the centering pin on the force plate. The directions of the force vectors can be ascertained from the angular positions of the pulleys, and the magnitudes from the values of the hanging masses.

In this lab several vectors with different magnitude and direction are added together graphically, analytically and experimentally. The magnitude of vectors is measured in grams (gm.) while the direction of vectors is measured in degrees.

CALCULATION: All the calculation parts are done on separate sheets of paper and attached.

Experimental results: Upon adding this vectors experimentally I got 1) Vector (A+B) =...
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