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According to Robert Gerber, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, "a research problem is the situation that causes the researcher to feel apprehensive, confused and ill at ease". Do you feel the same way about your research problem? A research problem is the situation that causes the researcher to feel apprehensive, confused and ill at ease. A research problem is the first step and the most important requirement in the researchprocess. It serves as the foundation of a research study thus if well formulated, youexpect a good study to follow. It is the demarcation of a problem area within a certain context involving the WHO or WHAT, the WHERE, the WHEN and the WHY of the problem situation. According the Kerlinger; in order for one to solve a problem, one must know what the problem is. The large part of the problem is knowing what one is trying to do. Hence, a "research problem" is an interrogative sentence that asks what relation exists between two or more variables. And the answer is what is being sought in the research. It is something that bothers you which needs to be resolved by research. It is the beginning of the research process and ends with the solution to the problem. Examples:

A research problem and the way you formulate it determines almost every step that follows in the research study. Formulation of the problem is like the input into the study and the output is the quality of the contents of the research report. A research problem is often accompanied by research question(s). There are many problem situations that may give rise to research. Three sources usually contribute to problem identification. 1.Own experience or the experience of others may be a source of problem supply. 2.A second source could be scientific literature. You may read about certain findings and notice that a certain field was not covered. This could lead to a research problem. 3.Theories could be a third source. Shortcomings in theories could be researched. A....
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