Research Methodology

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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 3
MB00 50 – Research Methodology
Assignment Set - 1

Q1. A. . Explain the types of research?
Research may be classified as
Pure Research:
It is undertaken for the sake of knowledge without any intention to apply it in practice. It is also known as basic or fundamental research. It is undertaken out of intellectual curiosity or inquisitiveness. It is not necessarily problem-oriented. It aims at extension of knowledge. It may lead to either discovery of a new theory or refinement of an existing theory. It lays foundation for applied research.

Applied Research
It is carried on to find solution to a real-life problem requiring an action or policy decision. It is thus problem-oriented and action-directed. It seeks an immediate and practical result.

Exploratory Research
It is also known as formulative research. It is preliminary study of an unfamiliar problem about which the researcher has little or no knowledge. It is ill-structured and much less focused on pre-determined objectives.

Descriptive Study
It is a fact-finding investigation with adequate interpretation. It is the simplest type of research. It is more specific than an exploratory research. It aims at identifying the various characteristics of a community or institution or problem under study and also aims at a classification of the range of elements comprising the subject matter of study.

Diagnostic Study
It is directed towards discovering what is happening, why it is happening and what can be done about. It aims at identifying the causes of a problem and the possible solutions for it. It may also be concerned with discovering and testing whether certain variables are associated.

Evaluation Studies
It is made for assessing the effectiveness of social or economic programmes implemented or for assessing the impact of developmental projects on the development of the project area.

Action Research
It is a concurrent evaluation study of an action programme launched for solving a problem for improving an exiting situation. It includes six major steps: diagnosis, sharing of diagnostic information, planning, developing change programme, initiation of organizational change, implementation of participation and communication process, and post experimental evaluation.

Q1. B. What is the significance of research in social and business sciences?

1. Research assumes significant role in formulation of economic policy, for both the government and business. It provides the basis for almost all government policies of an economic system. 2. Research helps to formulate alternative policies, in addition to examining the consequences of these alternatives. Thus, research also facilitates the decision making of policy-makers. 3. Research is also necessary for collecting information on the social and economic structure of an economy to understand the process of change occurring in the country. 4. Research also assumes a significant role in solving various operational and planning problems associated with business and industry. 5. Motivational research helps to determine why people behave in the manner they do with respect to market characteristics. 6. Research is equally important to social scientist for analyzing social relationships and seeking explanations to various social problems. It gives intellectual satisfaction of knowing things for the sake of knowledge.

Q2. What is meant by validity? How does it differ from reliability and what are its types? A measurement scale may be considered to be valid if it effectively measures a specific property or characteristic that it intends to measure.

Validity may be classified into different types, as described below. The degree of validity of each type is determined by applying logic, statistical procedures or both.

Content validity: This type of validity may be of two types Face validity - Face validity is determined through a...
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