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Research Paper on Abortion

By sauceda15 Nov 20, 2013 1549 Words
Research Paper on Abortion
All around the whole world there are about 155,000 abortions are done or chosen by females per day. There are many reasons women choose to have abortions, but my personal opinion is I think it is murder. When a girl gets an abortion, she is taking away somebody else’s chance to live. It is taking away an innocents child life away from the earth. Many believe it would be an okay reason to get an abortion if the girl gets pregnant after being raped, or when they believe the baby won’t have a good life. Other people consider it is not about the circumstances the girl is in, but that it’s about the woman’s right to do whatever they want to their bodies. All these years abortion has been talked about whether it is right or wrong and reasons to legalize or make abortion illegal. Females choose to end or put a stop to the pregnancy because they don’t feel like they would be able to carry such a big responsibility. They may be right about not ready for the responsibility, but if they weren’t ready for it, they shouldn’t have taken the risk in the first place. I believe this because it is not fair for the unborn baby who can not defend itself or can talk to tell the girl no the child should have rights too even without speech. With abortion it seems like the girls want to be able to decide the destiny of others for example the baby. If you really think about it, why should an innocent child have to give their life for two other people’s mistakes? Being raped has been a strong discussion during all these years, also such as having a child in unsafe living conditions. Although a person personal situation can make them consider abortion, there are many other options out there in the world that won’t include killing an innocent life. Adoption, for example, is a good alternative in cases where a girl considers abortion. There are also programs and foundations that can help girls and the baby in whatever situation they may be in. But whatever the situation, it always ends up being an individual woman’s decision whether to abort, give for adoption, or keep the baby. Abortion is like taking the easy way out and it makes people wonder if it is right or wrong and if it should be illegal or legal. Abortion has become a big problem in recent years because of unwanted pregnancies and other related causes. Every year pregnancy rate keeps going up especially in teens. Pregnancy rate increases every year not only in teens but in all females over all. Three reasons why abortion should be illegal are because of unwanted pregnancies, the maternal health of a girl and fetal health. With research and statistics it is proven that abortion is a major problem in the United States. One reason why abortions are done is because of unwanted pregnancies. But a study shows teens handle an unwanted pregnancy better than an abortion. Studies have also shown that teenagers who have abortions instead of carrying the pregnancy full term were three times more likely to report subsequent alcohol use. Studies also show that 76 percent of girls who had abortions and 80 percent of girls who gave birth were between the ages of 15-19 and the rest were younger. Also they say that when girl get abortion they have more emotional and psychological problems. Another reason why abortions are chosen or done is because a girl is raped and cant handle living with the baby because its trauma towards them. Even with this horrible thing that happened to them abortion should never be a first option or go through their heads. There will always be adoption which is better than an abortion. Another reason is because the baby may or may not have a good life but again there is always adoption. No reason should ever be good enough for abortion. Abortions due to the mothers health is only because of 3 percent of the 1.5 million abortions done yearly in the United States. Another reason why abortion should be illegal are because it is protecting girls lives and preventing serious medical issues that may be cause after an abortion. This is about 1 percent of abortions done in the U.S. Also U.S. statistics of abortion say 2.8 percent of abortions are due to maternal risk, and 4 percent of abortions were due to mother’s health problems. Abortions due to fetus health are only 3 percent of the 1.5 million abortions done yearly in the U.S. Abortion should be illegal overall because the reason of that it is murder to many taking away a child’s innocent life ahead of him/her. Another reason is because if a girl was able to go out there and make that baby she should step and be responsible enough to raise the baby. If she can’t raise the baby because she don’t think it will have a good life then theirs adoption because we have that choice abortion should never ever be necessary. We all have human rights and a fetus is like a baby and he/she are human they deserve to have human rights too. Abortion takes those rights away even though some people do not consider it that way. Abortion meaning is the removal of the fetus (which is a baby being taken out of the body). The United States should make it more of a mission to illegalize abortion, we may have a very high population but that is an innocent life. They could live and be the next president maybe and by having an abortion women end their chances of being something in life. Abortions are and will always be wrong, being against it is right. Going through an abortion is very hard and painful. Some women and girls choose to get an abortion because in our times they get pregnant young or do not want a baby. Also some females get abortions because there significant other does not want them to have a baby or also because the father of the child is not growing into his responsibilities as a parent. I am pro-abortion and I believe all people should be against it too. Abortions are bad because in my opinion it’s like murder. Many people may not consider abortion murder because it’s not born yet. But a baby is a life and abortion is taking away a possible innocent’s child’s life. So therefore in my opinion an abortion is like murder. An unborn child has a lot to live for everyone does. When a girl finds out she’s pregnant and believes her baby will not have a good life because the way she’s living, so she decides to get an abortion. But there are many other alternatives to abortion. Adoption is another alternative to abortion, in my opinion illegalizing abortion would be okay. Because if a women is having an unwanted child instead of going through abortion there is ADOPTION! There are many young females who get pregnant every year, and plenty of abortions done world wide through out the year. Abortions are done because women that get pregnant their pregnancy is either unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. These women are smart enough to know what they are doing so when they end up pregnant I believe they should grow up and step up to the responsibilities and be a parent. If you didn’t want a baby you should have been safe and stuck too abstinence or protection other than having an unwanted baby and getting an abortion.

Statistics in the United States of America show that around 1.5 million women that get unwanted pregnancies choose abortion. There is over 1.6 million abortions done every year in the United States out of all those 91 percent of them abortions done are performed during the pregnancies first trimester. 9 percent of those abortions are done during the second trimester of a pregnancy. Lastly 0.1 percent of abortions are done in the third trimester. Most women out of the 1.5 million who get abortions are usually under 25 years old and not married.

In the United States approximately 6 million women become pregnant every year. More than one million of those women pregnant are teenagers. Teenage pregnancy rate increases more and more every year. Teenager abortion rates in the United States are at there lowest in the United States ever since the legalization in 1973. The two states where teen abortion has increased these last couple years are New Mexico and New York.

Women choose abortion due to unwanted pregnancies and unplanned also because they are not ready but there are many other reasons for a women to choose abortion. One other is reason is rape because a women can end up pregnant and not be able to stand the thought of the child because it will be a remind abortions cause can be emotional reasons too.

Overall abortion is not good and people should be against it because it like murder. Taking away an innocent child’s life for someone else’s mistakes is wrong. People should be against abortion, go pro-abortion.

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