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Test 1
MNGT 4500 Fall 2014
Please note: I know the cases are longer than typical test questions, BUT the answers don’t have to be. These are like the exercises in class. I give you the context of the problem, but the answers are much shorter. Let me know if you have any questions. 1. Jenny Folsom is the manager of a group of marketing specialists. She has good relationships with most of her team except Connie Perez. Jenny is on the verge of letting Connie go. Connie just cannot seem to live up to Jenny’s expectations. Over the past year, Jenny has talked to Connie several times, but Jenny has seen no improvement. Connie believes she is trying to do the things that Jenny asks.

Jenny has presented her problem to the Employee Development specialist in the Human Resources Department. She relayed her concern about Connie getting too bogged down in details. She feels that she gives Connie clear objectives for the projects she works on. However, when she talks to Connie about her progress, she finds that Connie is buried in some minor issue, getting all the information that she can and talking to other people about issue. She admits that she loses her temper at times. This is an example of one of her conversations with Connie.

Jenny: Connie, I’m glad you are trying to be thorough, but we have to move along to other projects. You always try to get every piece of information, but that is not possible.

Connie: I don’t always do that. There are just some projects that I’m not sure how the result will look. I feel that I need to get all the information I can.

Jenny: I give you the main thought behind the project. Can’t you understand the big picture? Does everything have to be spelled out?

Connie: Well, no. I didn’t think that’s what I was doing. Also, the projects end up being implemented by the team, so I thought their input would make that easier in the end.

Jenny: If I wanted others involved, I would have put them on the project. You are getting others to do your work. I want you to carry your own weight.

Connie: I’m sorry. I was just trying to do a better job.

Jenny: We are getting seriously behind because you cannot seem to complete a project. You have no concept of time. We just don’t have the time for you to explore every alternative. Connie: But I’ve been more thorough in my research, and I’ve met the deadlines.

Jenny: Maybe, but never with any time to spare.

Connie: I didn’t think that mattered as long as I met it. I work better under pressure anyway.

Jenny: I need to have progress reports where I know exactly where you are in the project, not a report on who says what about the project. I don’t care what they think.

Jenny: This is the last time I intend to have this conversation. I expect to fix this situation.

Connie: I will continue to do my best.

Jenny: I’m sure you will. Looking at her phone. I have more other issues to deal with.

Connie leaves. Jenny is sure she is going to have to fire her. And, Connie is still trying to figure out why Jenny is so displeased with her. She is beginning to feel that there is no connection between her efforts and her performance. She’s concluding that there is no point in trying so hard in the future. You are the employee development specialist:

1.B. Use the Jungian personality characteristics to explain why Jenny and Connie see things so differently. 12 pts The two have opposite personalities, which is why Jenny and Connie see things so differently. Connie is more intuitive and thinks of the best possible way to get the job done with the time that is given to her. She is more passionate about each job and wants to give her all every time. Jenny, on the other hand, is more of a thinker who just wants to get the job done as soon as possible. She wants things done when she wants them done, how she wants them done, and why she wants them done that way with no questions asked. By her responses in their...
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