Remember the Titans Essay Example

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Remember The Titans

In the movie "Remember the Titans" social differences in status and play a major role in how the characters are portrayed, and how the story develops. It is based on a true story, though very much made for Hollywood, about what happened when the influences of race were dividing a town, and all of the people within it. In the "white dominated" suburbia area of the south, and the creation of T.C. Williams High School, a school that supported segregation, parents were the ringleaders of influence. It was the young people that started to make changes in the views of the community. The key topics in this film are segregation and discrimination, and the social problems that have arisen because of them.


Suburban Virginia schools have been segregated for generations, in sight of the Washington Monument over the river in the nation's capital. One Black and one White high school are closed and the students sent to T.C. Williams High School under federal mandate to integrate. The year is seen through the eyes of the football team where the man hired to coach the Black school is made head coach over the highly successful white coach. Based on the actual events of 1971, the team becomes the unifying symbol for the community as the boys and the adults learn to depend on and trust each other.

Segregation, what it is and how it applies to the film and today's society. Segregation is defined as being the policy or practice of separation between people of different races, classes, or ethnic groups, especially as a form of discrimination. Be it implemented by either an institutional or private endeavor. In the film segregation plays the front role, our protagonist being a man of color himself, is put right in the middle of the current conflict within the community. He has replaced the previous white high school football coach that everyone in the community has a personal relationship with. This creates an immediate negative reaction...
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