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Religion Unit 1
Note 1.1- The Human Being
Created by God
Although human beings are generated by the sexual union of a man and woman, we as Christians believe that our real identity as humans lies in our creative relationship with God, who is creator of humanity
The Earth and Humans
In the creation story of Genesis 2, the human being is shaped of the clay of the earth (adamah), and given the divine breath. Humans are created in the form of God
Animals and Humans
Again in Genesis, we learn that animals and humans share similarities. Both are living creatures, and flesh. Death is described as ‘God withdrawing breath form their bodies.’ Animals do not share the divine breath. Thus humans dominate over animals
Note 1.2- The Catechism o the Catholic Church
The catechism is the official compendium of Catholic teaching. (A. compendium: 1. a short detailed summary. 2. A list or collection of items)
Four Major Areas of Catholic Life
The profession of faith- all of the major beliefs or our faith traditions
The celebration of the Christian mystery- the sacramental life of the Church
Life in Christ- how Jesus intended for us to live in our relationships with others
Christian prayer- how to pray as Jesus did
Note 1.3- Being Rational
To call someone a ‘person’ is to give to her or him one of the greatest human attributes. A person who lives in a web of relationships and is oriented towards the other and for the other
Each person is a gift from God and is a gift for others. Talents are given not only for the benefits of oneself, but also for the good of others
Love is the bond that keeps people in relationships and communities. Love that is unconditional is the glue of people’s lives. There can be no human growth without love
God is Love
God too exists in a relation of love. The love of God for humanity is the love that bonds the ties of human beings into a community of people
The exchange of mutual service and communication

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