Relationship Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Customer relationship management, Customer service Pages: 4 (1141 words) Published: July 18, 2013
A key objective of marketing is to provide products and services that customers really want and to make customers feel their contact with the marketer is helping build a good relationship between the two. In this way the customer becomes a partner in the transaction, not just a source of revenue for the marketer. Willing customers may be unable to buy and able customers may be unwilling to buy due to 1. Lack of Customer Data Integration (CDI) which is the process of managing the customer response or activity related to all possible touch points and use that information to satisfy consumer needs. A customer may want to call the company but probably for example due to faulty telephone lines or unanswered calls, unreturned e-mails, it makes it impossible. I would advise Jane to come up with:

* A Database that contains all relevant customer information including history, product information, product return activity, marketing promotion and campaign data. The database must ensure executive ownership of privacy. * Company’s website which will enable customers to place an order or cancel an order * To create social media pages like face book and twitter which is also a marketing strategy for their products. * Make sure all the company’s phones are working. I would also tell her to try communication via traditional channels such as point of sale transactions, surveys, returns and warranty.

2. Lack of customer relationship. Besides the products, customers require

* Promotional and price information,
* Help in the use of the product
* A partnership with Jane’s company to create the product. I would advise Jane to build customer relationships by using the following 4 step marketing process: a) understanding the Market place and customer’s needs, b) designing a customer driven marketing strategy and constructing marketing programs that represent customer leverage points c) building profitable relationships and create...
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