Regional Connectivity

Topics: Bangladesh, India, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Pages: 8 (2946 words) Published: August 19, 2014
“Connectivity” or “Regional Connectivity” is the words which are more familiar in Bangladesh in recent times. Especially when Bangladesh is on the verge of signing an agreement of signing a treaty over the issue of ‘Transit” with India this idea of connectivity has become more and more vibrant. Though a mutual treaty, but Bangladesh is demanding to transform it into a multilateral agreement by including countries like – Nepal and Bhutan. And during recent visit of Bhutanese king during our Independence Day significant progress were made over this issue. Though this particular issue has somehow reduced the limelight of proposed “Asian Highway”; but it is something that represents even bigger prospect for Bangladesh as the road connecting 23 countries through proposed Asian Highway network. The proposed deep sea port is also opening up the prospect of connectivity as it might be accessible for whole region. Neighboring countries like Srilanka has created a deep sea port in recent times and so far it has been a success story. That might prompt Bangladesh to push this plan forward. By utilizing these opportunity eloquently Bangladesh might turn into a hub of connectivity. But it’s a country that is suffering to construct necessary infrastructure for the internal demand. In this situation if given access of connectivity then it will be worse and might cause a negative impact. So, the necessary infrastructure should be build before giving any such access. What is the ultimate benefit of connectivity? How one can resolve the issue of Sovereignty vs Connectivity? Will the extended connectivity result in an expansion of drug trafficking and illegal trade? These are some questions which ultimately come into play. Many uses this issues as an argument against connectivity. It is unlikely to enjoy benefit only through a policy. Especially when it comes about the question of issues like this one got to take all the aspects into consideration. Connectivity and development

In this era of globalization the world is more connected then before. Day by day this connectivity is increasing more and more. Now a day it’s quite impossible for the states to take alienated policy. Today we see ideology is playing trivial role then it played before. Today international system is moving on the three fast highways of globalization, liberalization and privatization in a unipolar world. Economic development seems to be the common goal of every nation. This commonality has made it possible for the states to become physically connected through the flow of –people and trade. That’s why the idea of “interconnected world” is getting more and more voice. Even States that have traditionally been sovereignty sensitive, at least in terms of integrating themselves through roads, today, are trying to negotiate multilateral economic arrangements that include transit and transportation across their national boundaries But this interconnectivity is not purely interconnected. As it’s the connectivity driven by interest so countries that have common interests or the region which represents more opportunity are the one to be connected or willing to establish connectivity. As a result regional connectivity is becoming more fashionable. EU is a perfect example. Following the success of EU regional organizations and regional connectivity is getting stronger. Also countries are more active in improving the connectivity within the country. Because it’s a proven fact that higher investment in public infrastructure brings invariably in its wake economic prosperity and improved quality of life. It’s also used as a remedy of eradicating inequality which has emerged as a threat of the present time. The improved transport facilities impact through faster mobility of labor, materials, and gods, in that way reducing transport costs as well as saving time for further engagements. Transport cost is an important determinant of competitiveness, making an integrated and...
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