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reformation day

By lumpalumpa Oct 22, 2014 268 Words

Indulgences posters:
  Indulgences for Sale !!       
$$$$  Tired of following God's Law-Word?  $$$$  Want your sins forgiven before you commit them?  $$$$  Want access to heaven without all the bother?  $$ $$  At the very instant that the money rattles at the bottom of the chest, the soul escapes from purgatory, and flies liberated to heaven ! $$ $$  You, too, can purchase your way into heaven!!  $$

$$  Come and I will give you letters, all properly sealed, by which even the sins that you intend to commit may be pardoned.  $$ $$ Have your sins forgiven BEFORE you commit them !! $$$  Church Bulletin Bloopers Reformation Pictionary Telephone the beard on the theologian rose bowling or can toss pyramid game (also called Bowl Down the Heretic) Rescue the drowning martyr (bobbing for apples)

Alms giving (throwing pennies in collection boxes)
Hunting in the Forest (the kids shoot a plastic crossbow with suction cup darts at a poster of forest animals) Bible smuggling relay
During the Reformation, it was illegal to print a Bible in a language that people could read.  So, the Reformers often had to hide Bibles from church leaders and sneak them to the people so that they could read them.  Activity: Divide kids into two teams.  Have one representative from each team put on an oversized pair of pants over their clothes.  The team will work to stuff a stack of Bibles into the pants.  Then, the two representatives will race around a cone and back.  If time, you can choose new teams and do the race again.

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