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Jezza Rose M. Glorioso

Episode 1: Principle of Learning

In this first episode for Field Study 2 entitled “Principle of Learning”, I observe that the teachers adhere to the stated principles of learning other teachers may have their own method or strategy to pull of f those principles but it only says that teachers use as a guide in teaching students and in helping them in making their own strategies. I also observe that the teachers are also the one who is in charge on how they will attack the strategies to the pupils. My Reflection on my Resource teacher’s observance on these principles, the teacher adherence of learning principles was so effective somehow even in a short period of time the principle being integrated efficiently based of my judgment on her way of delivering the lesson principle of learning used direct the class into actual and real learning . Considering the nature of the student motivated and interested the discussion aside from that assessment of the presentation the lesson was good and awesome. Upon she applied the learning principles in the presentation of the lesson she had given the student chances to feel their essence in the learning process.

Episode 2
Lesson Objectives as my Guiding Star

As an observant I learned that all lessons must gain its objective either cognitively, affectively and in skill aspects that the student may treasure. Based on the title of the episode I think that objectives are truly the guiding star because on what I observe the resource teacher use this in choosing what will the activities to be done just to get the objective which means it acts as a guide for teachers. And because of that I can say that this lesson objectives are not forgotten because it acts as a major role in teachers lessons. I learned gained from my observation based on lesson objectives the lesson objectives truly the guiding star in development of a lesson, for me journals are...
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