Reference List for Gender Bias in Leadership

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Social desirability bias Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Research Question: What impact does gender bias have on promotion to a leadership role in organizations? References:
Acker, Joan. (2006). Inequality regimes: Gender, class, and race in organizations. Gender and
Society, 20, 441-464. doi: 10.1177/0891234206289499
(This article was found in JSTOR Arts & Sciences II.)

Bernardi, R., & Guptill, S. (2008). Social desirability response bias, gender, and factors
influencing organizational commitment: An international study. Journal of Business Ethics 81(4), 797-809. doi: 10.1007/s10551-007-9548-4 (This article was found in Business Source Complete.)

Brescoll, V., Uhlman, E., Moss-Racusin, C., & Sarnell, L. (2012). Masculinity, status, and
subordination: Why working for a gender stereotype violator causes men to lose status.
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48 (1), 354-357. doi:
This article examines the relationship between masculinity, status, and subordination in the workplace, supported by research that asserts men are more susceptible to loss of status in the workplace than women. Two studies were conducted, in which researchers examined both men and women working as subordinates in gender-atypical workplaces. While the feminine status of female subordinates did not appear to be impacted by the situation, men had a perceived loss of masculinity when serving in a position subordinate to a gender atypical leader. The authors’ research seemed well-conducted and unbiased. Both Brescoll and Ulhmann have published a considerable number of other peer-reviewed articles on the topic of gender bias, and they appear to be regular contributors to the field. The article is quite current, and presents up to date research regarding real-life gender bias in the workplace and its impact on men, specifically. (This article was found in Science Direct.)

Hogue, M., & Lord, R. (2007). A multilevel, complexity theory approach to understanding gender bias in...

References: Acker, Joan. (2006). Inequality regimes: Gender, class, and race in organizations. Gender and
Society, 20, 441-464
Levant, R.F., & Pollack, W.S. (1995) A new psychology of men. New York, NY: Basic Books.
Wojtalik, J. R., Breckenridge, M. B., Gibson Hancox, M. K., & Sobehart, H. C. (2007). There 's
No place like home? The effects of childhood themes on women 's aspirations toward
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