recruitment in the banking industry

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1.1 Introduction
This chapter examined the background of the study, the statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research questions and the significance of the study. 1.2 Background of the study
According to Coulter (2005), he claims recruitment is defined as the process of locating, identifying and attracting capable applicants for available positions. In Kenya, recruitment of expatriates locally posses a major problem in most companies thus forcing them to source for international talent, which comes along with high costs. Traditional view of employee resourcing concentrated on obtaining people with the right range of skills and attitude for the organization. Creating innovation and flexibility are the key issues in today’s modern business environment and new thinking is not likely to result from people who display the same characteristics from those within the organization (Walter 2001). 1.2.1 Profile of the Barclays Bank of Kenya

B.B.K opened its doors in 1916 and has been in operation since then. It is currently the largest business unit in the Barclays Africa family in terms of contribution to profits and size of operation. The Bank has 69 outlets across the country with the Queensway house branch in Nairobi being the largest. Barclays Kenya was listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange in 1986. 1.3 Statement of the problem

In the Banking industry, a major challenge has been recruiting candidates with the right academic qualifications, experience and who can be trained on the job to become a company asset. The researchers’ desire is to find out the factors that affect banking industries in the recruitment process. 1.4 Objectives of the study

1.4.1 General objectives
The general objective of the study was to assess the effect of recruitment process in the B.B.K. 1.4.2 Specific objectives
i. To assess the effect of staff turnover on recruitment process in the banking industry. ii. To determine the effect of competition on recruitment process in the banking industry. iii. To establish the effect of wages on the recruitment process in the banking industry. iv. To examine the effect of training on recruitment process in the banking industry. v. To analyze the effect of working condition on the recruitment process. 1.5 Research questions

i. How does staff turnover affect recruitment?
ii. What are the effects of competition on recruitment process? iii. How do wages affect the recruitment process?
iv. What are the effects of training cost to recruitment process? v. How do working conditions affect recruitment process?
1.6 Significance of the study
1.6.1 The organization
The study enables the researcher to discover knowledge and to find out what gaps exist between the given theories and practice. It provided an update on recruitment in relation to the current organizational situations aimed at enhancing employee commitment to work. 1.6.2 Management of B.B.K

Managers would be able to take corrective measures so as to increase the level of recruitment. 1.7 Limitations of the study
1.7.1 Fear of victimization
Some respondents felt like the exercise was a waste of their time, thus causing a delay in information gathering. The researcher assured the respondents that the information was for a school research project. 1.7.2 confidentiality

Getting information regarded as confidential posed a major challenge due to the fear of it being released to the public. Using questionnaires was the best strategy to gather such information. 1.8 Scope of the study

The study was limited to the factors affecting the recruitment of employees in the Banking industry with a particular reference to B.B.K. the research study targets the employees of B.B.K (Nairobi Branch), which included Human Resource and Management.

2.1 Introduction
In this chapter which is related to and consistent with the objectives of the study, has reviewed important...

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