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Topics: Strategic management, Tile, Strategic business unit Pages: 7 (1523 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Strategic Management
Master Tiles and Ceramic Industries Ltd.
Business Strategy Report & Presentation

  Company Introduction   Industry Analysis   SWOT Analysis   BCG Matrix   Strategic Capabilities   Strategic Business Unit   Strategic Clock   Cost Efficiency   Diversification   Strategic Options

Executive Summary
Sheikh Mahmood Iqbal formed Master Tiles in 1982. Master Tiles is one of the biggest tiles manufacturers in Pakistan. Master Tiles provides the opportunity to upgrade the life style by introducing Granite Tiles. Master tiles have a capacity to produce more than 25000 Sq./meter tiles per day. Master Tiles captures the 62% of local market share. It manufactures both Wall and floor Tiles.

Mission Statement
The ceramic tiles industry is a major force for the improvement of quality of life across the world. Master aims to be the leading manufacturer of best quality ceramic tiles and pledges to provide its customers with latest designs, varieties and innovative products in line with the internationally changing trends. Through achievement of our aim we will enhance the wealth and well being of our stakeholders, employees and communities, whom we serve and in which we operate.

Master’s vision is to lead the market with innovations in product development to improve the quality of life and lifestyle of its customers. With timely adaptations to rapidly developing technologies and meaningful investment in human resource training, Master will strive to maintain the differentiation edge through provision of unmatched products and services to its customers at a competitive price.

Company Profile
  Master Tiles was formed in 1982   They imported the Granite Tile manufacturing plant in 2002 from Italy.   Have a capacity to produce more than 25000 Sq./meter tiles per day.   Exports the Tiles to the UK, Italy, Afghanistan, and UAE.   Master Tiles captures the 62% of local market share.

Company Profile
Name: Master Tiles



“Making Living, Worth Living”

  Glazed Wall Tiles   Glazed Floor Tiles   Glazed Granite Floor Tiles   Homogenized Porcelain Tiles   Strips   Trims   Motives   Mosaics

The PESTEL Framework
Political Factors: •  Rapid change in prices of fuel and gas increase the production cost, which directly effect the buying power of consumer. •  Political instability and shortage of gas affecting the organization, production capacity depends upon the availability of gas. •  Heavy duties on import of machinery results in low efficiency. Economical Factors: •  Playing role in economic development by providing hundreds of jobs. •  Loses a huge amount of raw material while mining due to poor economical infrastructure. •  Government does not pay much attention on the development of the industry , which really affects the efficiency of Tiles industry.

The PESTEL Framework
Socio cultural Factors: •  In Pakistan demographic factors like income level of people is increasing. •  Construction increase due to increase in population which also results in the increase in demand of tiles in the country. •  Living standard is increasing due to decorative and innovative styles of tiles. Technological Factors: •  Master Tiles use Italian manufacturing plant for producing good quality products at affordable prices. •  Master Tiles use latest technological to produce more innovative products efficiently and effectively. •  Master Tiles is using latest means of communication to communicate with customer to keep them up to date.

The PESTEL Framework
Environment: •  To minimize to effect of harmful gases Master Tiles is using environment friendly production plant equipped with latest technology. •  Master Tiles claims that they do not pollute the environment during the manufacturing process of the tiles. •  The wastage is managed in sophisticated manner that it does not pollute the environment. Legal: • Master Tiles is the first tile manufacturer in...
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