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Topics: African American, High school, Historically black colleges and universities Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: September 29, 2013




Educator Reviews of
The Rains: Voices for American Liberty

“Never has history been so lyrical! With the heart of a novelist, Sulayman Clark brings African American history to life in riveting, meticulously researched stories. This book is a must for college or high school teachers who want to insure that our young men and women appreciate and learn from the greatness that is their legacy.” Lisa Delpit, Professor

Southern University
“The Rains opens a rare and important vista on our nation's history. Rarely have I read something that enriched, inspired and informed me with such sheer power and grace! And anyone looking to understand the roots of black education will be enormously rewarded by this read!”

John S. Wilson, Office of the White House Initiative
on Historically Black Colleges and Universities
"The Rains is a beautiful exploration of African American strength and agency in the face of oppression. Clark is a masterful storyteller who gives the reader the opportunity to walk within the soul of his characters."

Marybeth Gasman, Professor
University of Pennsylvania
“This book should be required reading for all post-Civil Rights Era youth, especially African American youth. I had no idea it would literally change my entire perspective on many of the critical issues confronting contemporary African American leaders, our communities and our higher education institutions.” Johnny C. Taylor, Jr, President & CEO

Thurgood Marshall College Fund
“The Rains is a bold, riveting and erudite work that is essential reading for every student and educator in Philadelphia as well as the nation.” Paul G. Vallas, Former Superintendent,
Recovery School District of Louisiana
“Clark has found his calling as a wonderful storyteller, using the medium of the historical novel.”
Charles V. Willie, Professor Emeritus
Harvard University


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