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z 4 study guideTHEO 201

Towns: Chapter III and IV What are the four different expressions (categories) of the law? The Physical law of God The moral law of God The social law of God The spiritual of God What are the four purposes of the law? To show the oneness and sovereignty of God(Exod. 20:2 To place a restraint on the sinner To show the greatness and reality of sin To lead the sinner to Christ What are the five points of Calvinism (the TULIP acrostic)? Total Depravity Unlimited election Limitied atonement Irresistible grace Perseverance of the saints Define the terms below. • Predestinate: to mark off, bound, beforehand, to draw a circle and include something/ to choose • Foreknowledge: extends God’s sovereignty in to the future/ because he is omniscient he possesses full knowledge of events before they happen he knows who will respond • The elect: the kind of people God will save The definition of the Trinity states that the members of the Trinity are the following: • Equal in what? nature • Distinct in what? person • Subordinate in what? duties What is the existence of three gods called? Tritheism What belief teaches three different manifestations of God (as if a man were a father, husband and brother at the same time)? Sabellianism or modalism What belief errs by denying the eternality and distinctiveness of the three persons of the Trinity? Modalism What belief taught that only the Father was eternally begotten from the beginning? Arianism How does the baptism of Christ point toward the Trinity? The voice of God / the Son rising from the water/ the Holy Spirit descending in a dove

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THEO 201

How does the New Testament baptism formula point to the Trinity? In the name of the father/son/holy ghost What does the term preexistence mean? Jesus existed before his birth at a point of history What does the term eternality mean when referring to Christ? Jesus is not limited by time but that he has no beginning or end What...
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