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Topics: Political philosophy, Politics, The Bill / Pages: 12 (2869 words) / Published: Jan 21st, 2014
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Question : All sages provide both wisdom and inspiration. Since Dasha’s speech contained wisdom and greatly inspired her audience, Dasha is a sage.
Which one of the following points out the flaw in the argument above?

Student Answer:

Just because Dasha is a sage doesn’t mean that she is always wise and inspirational.

Just because Dasha’s speech provided wisdom and inspiration doesn’t mean that it provided more wisdom than inspiration.

Just because Dasha satisfied two requirements of being a sage doesn’t necessarily mean that she satisfies all the requirements of being a sage.

Just because Dasha provided wisdom and inspiration in a speech doesn’t mean that all sages use speeches to provide wisdom and inspiration.

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Question : People have claimed that Jamie’s paintings have given them the blues. Clearly this cannot be entirely correct, since many of Jamie’s paintings contain no blue at all.
The argument above is flawed because the author

Student Answer:

provides no evidence

misinterprets a key term

relies on contradictory facts

is not a noted painting expert

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Question : A recent study of 100 employees from six departments of a major corporation found 65% to be sleep deprived. The researchers concluded that the majority of corporate employees are sleep deprived.
The researcher’s conclusion is suspect because it

Student Answer:

assumes that corporate employees are more sleep deprived

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