Quiz 1 (Ch. 1-4)

Topics: Management, Organization, Middle management Pages: 4 (831 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Getting things done through people and other resources and providing leadership and direction are what managers do. True An example of global sourcing is seen when Gap, Inc uses low-cost Caribbean labor to cheaply produce their clothing, and then finish off and sell their clothing in the United States. True The manager's function in an organization is the same as the supervisor's. True Most early interpretations of the Hawthorne studies agreed that money was the cause of the increased output. False Fayol's Unity of Direction principle emphasizes that each subordinate receives orders from one, and only one. False The dimension of the general environment representing the demographic characteristics, norms, customs, and values of the population within which the organization operates is referred to as a(n) sociocultural dimension.

What is exporting?
Items produced in the home country for sale in foreign markets

A significant part of the U.S GDP

The barter of products for products, often used in developing nations

__________ is often considered the "father of the quality movement." Deming Although the challenge in unstable countries is great, often the biggest area of __________ is also there. opportunity The Mercedes-Benz plant in Alabama is an example of a __________. greenfield venture Follett and Barnard were early advocates of a more humanistic perspective on management that emphasized the importance of understanding human behavior, needs, and attitudes in the workplace as well as social interactions and group processes. True  In a joint venture between large and small businesses, large businesses can provide all of the following EXCEPT top level management. In Japan, workers are motivated to satisfy the company. True Which of these is the most recent management perspective? The technology-driven workplace Which of these can best describe organizing? Assigning responsibility for task accomplishment. Max Weber felt selection of...
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