Questions for Exam 3

Topics: Sociology, Social control theory, Criminology Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: April 17, 2013
1) social control theory is traced to the 18 th century work of which theorist? 2)social control theorist ask which theoretical question?
3) beccaria's social control theory argues individuals are? 4) Ivan Nye introduced which ideal to social control theories? 5) according to Nye ___refers to rules and Norms that are instilled in conscience as children 6) social control theories argue deviance is a caused by?

7) things to keep students busy after school exhibit which of the four components to Hirschi's social bond theory 8)Hirschi's argument that juveniles who enter adulthood too soon, are more likely to become deviant which form of social bond does this support? 9) when deviance is perceived to not cause injury or harm to anyone it is which technique of neutralization? 10) which theorist introduced techniques of neutralization to social control theories? 11)techniques if neutralization are used in order to?

12)according to Sykes techniques if neutralization Robin Hoods behavior of stealing from the rich to give to the poor is justified and neutralized through which technique? 13) which if the following are not examples of victimless deviance include? 14) which additions to social control theories would examine the different levels of control placed on boys and girls in particular households as affecting deviance? 15) according to the power control theory ___ constitutes the primary agents of socialization in the family 16) which theory is designed to predict all behaviors beyond criminal and or delinquent? 17)the general theory of crime argues what about self control and stability? 18) which theorist explains the stages and trajectories of deviance of life course theories 19) which of the following is not a component of life course theory in theorizing a lesser likely hood of deviance? 20) life course theories examine and primarily focus on the social bonds between? 21) which of the following are labels found in high schools 22) which...
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