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Faculty of Business

BUMGT5921 Organizations: Behaviour, Structure, Processes

Pre-sighted examination questions and notes on the examination

Semester 3, 2013


Section A

Question A1 will be offered in the exam without any change and you will have to answer this question. As a guide, approximately three pages long relevant answers should be sufficient for this question. It is worth 20% of the total grade for this course.

Question: A1
Analyze and evaluate your syndicate’s development and functioning as a group or team according to relevant theories and models you encountered in class or in your reading. Discuss your own roles in the syndicate and consider leadership issues. What would you do differently, given your experience and this analysis, to enhance the performance of the group and the satisfaction of its members?

Section B

A total of Five questions are given below. At examination, Three of these questions (any three) will be offered. You will have to select Two questions to answer. As a guide, approximately two pages long relevant answers should be sufficient for each of these questions. Each of the two questions answered will be worth 15% of the total grade for this course for a total of 30%.

Question: B1
How would you describe the work of strategic leaders? How do strategic leaders effectively manage their firm’s resource portfolio such that its core competencies are exploited, and the human capital and social capital are leveraged to achieve a competitive advantage? What must strategic leaders do to develop and sustain an effective organizational culture?

Question: B2
Use the characteristics of mechanistic and organic organizational design options to describe two different organizations that you know about. Then relate the differences to technological and environmental aspects. For what type of organization you would prefer to work? Organic or mechanistic? Explain. Discuss why organizational design and communication flow are so closely related. page1image18176 page1image18336 page1image18816 page1image18976 page1image19136

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Question: B3
In Kurt Lewin’s model of change, what brings about the proposed change? Explain why there has to be variations made, over a period of time, to the original model. Evaluate the ethical issues associated with downsizing an organization. How is appreciative inquiry a different approach to organizational change than a problem- solving approach?

Question: B4

Looking for something more

Lisa Lee is an office manager for Magic Print, a medium-sized printing business. She is 45,

unmarried and lives by herself. She has been office manager for the last five years and earns

about $54,000. She started in the binding section and has been with the company for 20

years. Lately, she has been feeling bored and that she really hasn’t done much with her life.

She has asked you for a year’s leave-of absence to go on an 'around the world' cruise. You

are the CEO of the company.

How would you tackle this situation? Why? Which motivation theories best apply to this person and what would you actually do to motivate her? Explain.

Question: B5
Case Study: Family Needs
Family Needs is a large retail chain store. In each of its stores Family Needs ran a trainee management course which required the trainee to complete two years' work experience in various departments. The course was designed so that at the end of the two years the trainee had the knowledge to immediately take over a small department.

The Arlington store was Family Needs’ newest. It was the most popular for management and staff and had a low staff turnover rate. The China and Glassware Department (henceforth CGD) inside the store was the best within the chain and was renowned as an effective work unit. The staffs in the CGD were older women who had worked...
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