Quantitative research

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Quantitative Research
Quantitative research is the research method because this research method can collect many opinions and information from the large audiences and it is easier in doing analysis. After that, numerical data that successfully collected in the quantitative research is closely related to the final part of the research. (http://www.sagepub.com/upm-data/36869_muijs.pdf)- journal In addition, quantitative research is helpful in explaining and analyzing about a specific topic. (http://www.sagepub.com/upm-data/36869_muijs.pdf) For example, for research title” The negative impact of violence drama toward teenagers violence behavior”, through the quantitative research, people can know that actually how many of the teenagers actually will curious about the violence drama? Or actually how many of them will get influences or imitate what shown in the violence drama? Lastly, quantitative research can also help to narrow the wide number of public opinion into quantitative through questionnaire or tests. Thus, as mentioned above, it is easier in doing analysis after all the information is being gathered. Definition of quantitative research, viewed by …. Weblink Sample

There are two types of sampling, which are probability sampling and nonprobability sampling. Probability sampling refer to everyone has the chance to enroll in the sample and it can be defined accurately. (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/edu/power-pouvoir/ch13/nonprob/5214898-eng.htm). Possibility sampling shows the features of the chosen population and thus, it is more credibility. (http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/sommerb/sommerdemo/sampling/types.htm) However nonprobability sampling refer to just some of the people can enroll in the sample and it result cannot define accurately. (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/edu/power-pouvoir/ch13/nonprob/5214898-eng.htm) There are quota sample, purposive sample and convenience sample in the nonprobability sampling. Convenience sample (nonprobability sample) is being used in this research because this research only targeted teenagers and college students. In other words, not all the people can be selected as target audiences for this research. The reason that the survey questions are available to 100 people is because this can helps to find out different opinions and also find out how different teenagers behave differently after watching violence drama. In addition, if there are no limits the numbers of the respondents, it is impossible to get the final result since there may be thousands of the different opinions and answers out there. Thus, choosing 100 people to answer on these questionnaires can help to minimize the large number of audiences too. Lastly, questionnaire survey for this research had been made as web questionnaire and target audiences can answer the questions by just clicking into the web link. Teenagers and college students have been choose to answer these questionnaires according to the gender because different gender may bring out a different result as well. Variables

Variables are any aspect that will change the result of the studies. Independent variable is the one which always affects dependent variables. In this study, the independent variable is the violence drama and dependent variable would be the teenagers and college students because the negative impact brought out by violence drama may influence them.

Measurement is the process of gathering the quantitative data. In addition, it is also a process that covert the data into phenomena based on the particular rules. Variables can be measured by different kind of measurement scales. In this research, there are close-ended questions, likert scales, guttman scaling. Close-ended Questions.

Close-ended question is the question that provides several answers to let respondents choose. Means that, close-ended question is also the question that contain multiple choices. (www.businessdictionary.com/definition/closed-questions.html)....
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