Q and a by Vikas Swarup

Topics: Taj Mahal, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 3 (1240 words) Published: October 23, 2012
The Twelve Experiences
Imagine that you had a very rough childhood as an orphan and the rest of your life wasn’t any better because of poverty. You went through a lot of different experiences, but only twelve of them stood out to change your life and future. Then the year you turn eighteen you had chance to go on a quiz show called “Who Wants To Win A Billion (Rupees)?” as a contestant. You said yes to the opportunity and started answering all of the twelve questions right and soon you realized that the twelve questions were based off of your top twelve experiences. Do you think this is pure luck or is it a coincidence? Of course not. It is because Ram, the main character in Q And A by Vikas Swarup, is able to find the answers to life and future’s many experiences. Ram learned a lot from what was going on in the outside world because he always tried to help people and he also tried to be a good person in society because he had faced so many experiences that left him hanging all alone. Finally all the experiences pay off because the experiences help Ram become a stronger person at the end of the book. In the first four chapters, Ram has a lot to do with Salim and his community around him but when he lived with Father Timothy who only learned about Christianity so when he lived as part of a community he learned the difference between Muslims and Hindus and he also learned what one has to do to survive alone in a city where he doesn’t know anyone. In the third chapter Ram tells Salim says “I told you not to poke your nose into other people’s affairs, or make other people’s troubles your own. Remember this as a lesson for the future. (Page 55)”therefore it states that Ram cares about Salim which was a change from the beginning of the novel. Also in the third chapter, Ram help save Gudiya from her dad rapping her and bonds a brother-sister relationship with her. This is considered another change because he didn’t have anybody to call his own and now he knew what it...
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