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Interview Q/A
Top 3 Strengths:
1. I am very adaptable and accepting of change with new processes or initiatives. I understand the importance of change, especially with technology. I enjoy leading the change with positive encouragement and watching as new operations gain acceptance and become successful, such as the export successes of the various companies I work with.

2. I have the ability to use my own initiative to take on challenges. I am always proactive at what i do and that keeps my mind simulated and focused. Listening and learning are tied into this and I am not afraid to ask questions. I always clarify anything with my Director that I do not understand so I make sure I get it right the first time.

3. My time management skills are excellent and I'm organized, efficient, and take pride in excelling at my work.

Top 3 Weaknesses

1. My greatest weakness would that I expect perfection out of myself when completing a task and that often leads me to over think small errors I may make. I perceive these small errors as greater flaws in my mind, and will not declare a task complete until it is perfect. I have learned to use this to my advantage by never making the same mistake twice through my critical thinking process.

2. When I make mistakes I tend to over-think my error. My potentially small error turns into a bigger error mentally than it actually is, which causes me to think about the problem or mistake I made extensively and place pressure on myself to overcome any obstacle. However, I have realized being self-critical of my mistakes rarely causes me to ever make the same mistake twice. I hold myself accountable for this weakness and talk to supervisor leadership to learn how to not make the same error.

3. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my computer and technical skills. I believe since technology is always advancing I am always trying to keep up so I have taken a Data Analytics course last spring semester and this semester a digital design and innovation course that has let me use some applications hands on. I have learned to used pivot tables and vlookup effectively and am in the processing of building a prototype for a mobile application due to the interest I have in increasing my technical skills.

How do you prioritize multiple projects?
I prioritize projects through a combination of deadline, difficulty, project length, team status and inherent importance. For example, a short deadline, difficult project where a team requires my work is going to get priority over an equally short deadline, easy project, because the team’s productivity is based on my own productivity. I also try to group similar items together and get started early on difficult, time consuming projects so that when I brush up against the deadline I am not scrambling and can give attention to other projects as needed. Additionally, I verify and inform my Director of the status of all of my projects so that they can manage their tasks against deadlines.

How do you prioritize multiple projects with the same deadline? “First I plan out the remaining tasks. In general, I will have already done this well in advance of the deadline. I look at these tasks and decide the easiest route to their completion. Sometimes it is easier to work on one project at a time; sometimes it is easier to switch back and forth depending on similarities in the type of tasks required. If one is due sooner in the day than the other, then that one will receive full priority. In addition, throughout the day I will inform all the necessary individuals of the current project status, so that they also do not find the upcoming deadlines too stressful.”

How do you use excel/manage your day?
For projects, I set up an Excel spreadsheet where I place every project in list form, based on a combination of priority and due date. For example, something of top priority due immediately is going to be first. Something of considerable...
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