Topics: Beer, Sapporo Brewery, World War II Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: June 3, 2015

1. What are the characteristics of the Japanese beer industry? What are key success factors?

The characteristics of the Japanese beer industry could be explained by one of the external environment analysis called ‘General Environment Analysis’. By applying ‘General Environment Analysis’, Japanese beer industry could be analyzed by six components. We will look more in details in accordance with five sectors among six; Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Political/Legal, Demographical, Economical. One sector that we excluded is ‘Global’ issues since there wasn’t any international-related growth at Japanese beer industry especially in 19 century when Japan was considerately conservative.

First of all, (Environment)Economic. In terms of economy, we sensed that the period of starting beer business in Japan is 19 century when world war two occurred, which is one of the crucial historic factors that depressed the consumption of beer in Japan. Beer, during and slightly after the war, beer was a very novel and expensive item.

Second, (General)Sociocultural. : With regard to sociocultural stream, Japanese beer industry can be divided into two. The first stream of the beer depends on methods of producing Japan’s beer. Then, there are two kinds of the beer; Draft and Lager. Even though Draft remained as an only-summer & canned/bottled beer, Sapporo and Asahi had pushed draft beer segment steadily by 1985. On the other hand, Kirin secured position in lager beer by refusing to following up bottled draft beer for home consumption until 1985. Another stream is as of the perception of beer. As we have discussed from economic perspective, beer was a luxury item to drink in restaurants and other commercial locations. However, as Sapporo and Asahi contributes to brand beer image lighter, the perception of beer by consumer had changed to be more home product with rising of incomes and the spread of refrigerators.
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