Punctuation Excercises

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1.On the first blank line, identify the type of sentence by using "S" for simple, "CP" for compound, and "CX" for complex.

2.Next, identify the type of conjunction underlined using "C" for coordinating conjunction, "CA" for conjunctive adverb, and "SC" for subordinating conjunction.

3.Punctuate the sentences.


CX SC 1. The sales room was expanded, when our volume of business increased.

CX SC 2.Because each detail must be checked, the manager helps the staff.

CP CA 3.We want to ship the desk on Tuesday; otherwise, we must move it to the warehouse.

CX SC 4. If the second paragraph is retained, the phrasing must be altered.

CP CA 5. All orders are filled at regular list prices; consequently, we are unable to accept an order for less than the price quoted you.

CP CA 6.Nine pages have been typed; moreover, three of them have been proofread.

CP C 7. The company will accept our shipment or refer us to someone who will.

CX C 8.We have a large stock on hand but will accept the shipment for future use.

CP C 9. We invited the new accountant to attend the meeting on Wednesday, but he will be out of town until Friday.

CP C 10.Each window should be closed, and each door should be locked.

CX C 11.The copier and the FAX machine are very old and will need to be replaced before the end of the year.

CX SC 12.Although many orders for that model of computer have been received, we do not yet have it in stock.

CP CA 13.The train arrived late; therefore, dinner was postponed for almost an hour.

CX SC 14.The results, however, were inconclusive because the study was too limited.

CP C 15.The accountant the manager and the vice president will be attending the conference, so hotel reservations will need to be made soon.

B. Write the letter that indicates each sentence’s punctuation and/or conjunctive joiner.

A. comma spliceC. correct sentence
B. run-on sentenceD. comma should be omitted

__B___ 1.We spent the entire night in the airport we didn't get home until the next evening.

__A___ 2.Alysann has the answers, she'll share them at the study session.

__A___ 3.Professor Huffstutler taught the course during the first four weeks, Professor Martynski took over for the duration of the semester.

__B___ 4.Gretchen anticipates that she will have the report completed by February 2 thus the Standards Committee will be able to start its work on February 3.

__C___ 5.Although Joe knows that all of you like liver and onions, his landlady won't let him cook such things in the apartment.

__C___ 6.We ended up in Denver after one day, and then took two days to get to Pueblo.

__D___ 7.I concluded that you have the experience, and that your resume is entirely adequate.

__C___ 8.McDougall's Restaurant is nearby, and the food is exceptional.

__B___ 9.The tenants did extensive damage to the apartment the manager did not discover the damage until the tenants had moved.

__C___10.Three of the students decided to go with us to the convention, but two others could not afford to pay the lodging expenses.

C. Write C if the punctuation in the sentence is correct; write I if the punctuation is incorrect.

__I___ 1.Deborah likes to swim but Lance doesn't.

__I___ 2.Adriana must pay back the loan now, or ruin her credit rating.

__C___ 3.Whenever I leave my umbrella at home I inevitably experience rain.

__C___ 4.After the one-week crash course, Bud was able to repair the brakes on most cars.

__I___ 5.Everyone thinks that Alonzo is 50 years old although he actually is only 35.

__I___ 6.By the way the Uintah National Forest is among the top ten forests in terms of visitors it was the first national forest created in Utah....
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