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M1: Explain the importance of public service skills using examples from at least two contrasting public services. D1: Evaluate the importance of public service skills in a specified service, in the UK. Public Service Skills - Public service skills are a set of core skills that a person will need to have and build up to be effective in public services. They are also skills that any individual would discover useful during their working life. The Ambulance Service – it is important in the public services because Ambulance services help many people with serious or life-threatening conditions. They also provide a range of other urgent and planned healthcare and transport services. Communication - High-quality communication skills are very important for working in the uniformed public services. You are educated these skills the instant you start basic training. Communication can take place in a number of ways, Such as: * Non verbal communication

* Verbal communication
* Visual communication
The public service skills are important in The Ambulance service because For example, Non verbal is used for people who have hearing aids or have any other disabilities. Verbal communication is used mainly for people who have sight disabilities. Visual communication is used as written or drawn pictures that represent words. In public services non verbal communication would be useful if someone was deaf and you could use sign language, they might need to send an order to another person so the deaf person would either lip-read or sign. Non verbal communication- is where body language and sign language are used to communicate effectively in a one to one situation or a group situation. It is a form a communication that does not require the use of verbal communication. For example, non verbal communication is used mainly for people with deaf disabilities, so you would use sign language or some other form of communication towards them if you were a member of the ambulance...
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