Topics: Revenue, Investment, Financial ratio Pages: 41 (20941 words) Published: October 24, 2014
The development of skills to perform well in professional life has become a dire need of every Business Graduate. The very purpose, of research is to acquaint the business graduate with empirical business practices. As a compulsory requirement of Professional Degree in Business Administration, I opted to write a research report on Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, to fulfill my degree requirement. My reason for choosing PTCL was to enhance my skills in Management Finance, so as to provide myself the opportunity to cope with real life situation. I pay my gratitude to all my teachers, senior staff members of IMS and all my colleagues. Deep gratitude is extended to Mr. Habib (Assistant Accounts Officer, PTCL Head Quarters). I am also thankful to other members of Corporate Tax System Systems Department (CTSS) who gave me guidance during my internship. I am indebted to Dr. Mohsin who proved to be more than a supervisor, whose guidance enabled me to write this report. His wisdom, kind considerations, and unique insights were invaluable and her real world experience added an extra advantage to my report. Ghulam Hussain LIST OF CONTENTS S.No.TopicPage No.PrefaceiList of TablesvList of GraphsviList of AcronymsviiiExecutive SummaryixSECTION IChapter 1 1.INTRODUCTION 11.1Background of the Study 11.2Purpose of the Study 11.3Scope of the Study 11.4Methodology 21.5Scheme of the Report 2SECTION IIChapter 2 2.LITERATURE REVIEW 32.1Overview of Telecom Sector 32.2Basic Telephony 42.3Mobile Telephony 52.4Value Added Services6Chapter 3 TELECOMMUNICATION POLICY 73.1Introduction 73.2Foreign Direct Investment Policy Telecom Sector 73.3Incentives for FDI in the Telecommunication Sector 83.4Duties and Taxes93.5Exchange Control93.6Technical / Royalty / Services / Franchise FEE10Chapter 4 3.TELECOM GROWTH 114.1Introduction 114.2Growth in Pakistan 124.3Listed Companies 144.4Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)154.5Pak Datacom Ltd. (PDL)154.6Telecard15 4.7World Call Communication 154.8World Call Multimedia Ltd.154.9World Call Broadband 164.10Payphone Companies164.11Manufacturer and Vendors 17Chapter 5 5.PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED 195.1Introduction195.2Historical Background 205.3Mission Statement215.4Vision Statement215.5Core Values215.6PTCL Performance215.7PTCL After Liberalization225.8Market Orientation 225.9Induction of Latest Technology235.10PTCL Network Growth 23SECTION IIIChapter 6 6.FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 256.1Financial Analysis 256.1.1Revenue256.1.2Profitability276.1.3Dividend Analysis 28SECTION IVChapter 7 7.FINANCIAL RATIO ANALYSIS 7.1Financial Ratio Analysis 297.2Profitability Ratios31Chapter 8 8.FINANCIAL STRUCTURE 408.1The Financial Structure408.1.1The Financial Structure of PTCL408.2Financial Leverage448.2.1Measuring The Degree of Financial Leverage (DFL)44Chapter 9 9.LEVERAGE RATIOS469.1Leverage Ratios46Chapter 10 10.GRAPHS OF HISTORIC BUSINESS INDICATORS 5210.1Graphs of Historic Business Indicators 52 10.2Communication Size Index and Vertical Analysis of Balance Sheet 5910.2.1Balance Sheet As Index to A Base Year5910.2.2Common Size Vertical Analysis of Balance Sheet61Chapter 1111.SWOT ANALYSIS 6211.1Strengths 6211.2Opportunities 6311.3Threats6311.4Weaknesses64SECTION VChapter 12 12.RECOMMENDATIONS / CONCLUSION Bibliography 69Appendix 71 LIST OF TABLES S.No.Title Page No. Revenues and Assets of listed Telecom Companies 4 Cellular Subscribers5 Revenue and Assets of Listed Telecom Companies 14 Revenue to PTCL through Card Payphones17 Debt Ratio 46 Debt to Equity 47 Times Interest Earned 48 Capitalization Ratio 49 Long Term Debt to Net Working Capital 50 Debt Coverage Ratio 51 Common Size Index Analysis of Balance Sheet59 Common size Vertical analysis of Balance sheet61 LIST OF GRAPHS S.No. Title Page No. Teledensity Growth Patterns4 Card...
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