Psychology Unit 1 study guide

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Soul Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: November 6, 2013
Psychology Review, Unit 1 Answer Key:
1. Believed that the mind was separate from the body, the mind continued to exist after death and that ideas were innate. __________ and __________ Socrates Plato 2. Suggested that the soul is not separable from the body and that knowledge (ideas) grow from experience. _____________ Aristotle 3. Believed in soul (mind)-body separation, but wondered how the immaterial mind and body communicated. __________ Descartes 4. A founder of modern science, particularly the experimental method. _________ (Francis) Bacon 5. Founded the idea that the mind is a tabula rasa, or blank sheet, and experiences write on it. _________ Locke 6. Matching:Body and Mind are connected Body and Mind are distinct

Socrates The Hebrews Aristotle Plato Descartes Augustine 7. Some ideas are inborn: (pick 2) Socrates Aristotle Locke Plato 8. The mind is a blank slate at birth: (pick 2) Socrates Aristotle Locke Plato 9. Studied the elements (atoms) of the mind: _________ and _________ Wundt / Titchener 10. ______ sought to identify the structure of the mind. These researchers believed the way to learn about the brain and its functions was to break down the mind into its most basic elements, or that the whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Structuralism 11. ______ the psychological school of thought that moved away from focusing on the structure of the mind to a concern with how the conscious is related to behavior, or how the mind affects what people’s actions. Functionalism 12. _______ birthed the idea of natural selection in nature and supported functionalism. Darwin 13. _______ is the view that real knowledge comes from the senses. Empiricism 14. _______ is the view that certain skills or abilities are ‘native’ or hard wired into your brain at birth. Nativism 15. _______ emphasized the importance of the unconscious mind (dreams) and its effects on human behavior. Freud 16....
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