psychological disorders

Topics: Eating disorders, Anorexia nervosa, Body weight Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: February 17, 2014
De’Ja commons
Pgs. 176-179
Etiology: Sociocultural level of analysis
Lee et al. suggest that a social fat phobia may underlie anorexia, and this phobia is starting to thrive in other parts of the world Places where anorexia has increased a lot it is due to media influence and large amounts of info about dieting and eating disorders Girls who become anorexic are more likely to accept the messages about beauty and thinness in the media. It isn’t clear whether this acceptance lead to the anorexia or if anorexia caused the acceptance of the media Lee et al also hypothesized that the increase in anorexia in other countries could be a result of increased use of Western diagnostic systems that increase behaviors. Body weight is NOT indicative of psychiatric problems --- 16% of healthy but slim Chinese women would meet Western diagnostic criteria for anorectic weight Strahan et al. believe that media is not so much a cause of women believing that they are the wrong shape, but encourages them to think that everyone else accepts thin models and actresses as normal and attractive They then conform to the perceived expectations of others which lead to excessive dieting This influence could affect both males and females in their development from a very young age The interaction between biology, cognition, and the sociocultural context of a person’s life is needed in order to completely understand how anorexia develops. Treatments for anorexia nervosa

Biomedical therapy: SSRIs are commonly used to treat anorexia, but there isn’t much evidence to indicate that it is very effective. Kaye et al did a double blind study which showed that patients who were given a placebo over a one-year period were more likely to drop out, indicating that there is some benefit from the drugs. However, it seems that the medications targets symptoms of anorexia that are not causing the disorder and contrasts with the idea that negative mood or depression play a causal role in development of...
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