Psych Final Review

Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: December 17, 2012
influence (3 components)
-conformity & groupthink – agreeing with a group to not be different
-compliance- changing behavior because someone convinced you to do it
-persuasion techniques:
-obedience & milgrim experiment- shock keeps going up allowed shocks. -group behavior
-social loafing- good when alone but lazy in group
-social facilitation-positive influence on others performance -ABC model of attitudes- attitude- emotional, behavior- our opinions change our actions, cognitive- beliefs and ideas about focus of attitude. -what factors create attitude

-forms of learning: direct contact, direct instruction, interaction with others, vicarious conditioning -successful persuasion source(good messeanger) message needs to be clear, correct target audience -cognitive dissonance: not acting like we say were gonna

-social categorization: know that an advantage = formation of schema & disadvantage = stereotyping & wrong assumptions -attributes (2 kinds): be able to apply in example
-fundamental attribution error: example
-know difference between prejudice & discrimination
-prejudice is learned because of social cognitive theory- attitudes formed by social influence -scapegoating: members of the out group to blame
-stereotype vulnerability: women & mathematics example
-interpersonal attraction: physical attraction, proximity- repeated exposure, similiarities -sternberg’s different kinds of love- romantic love compassionate love consummate love -aggression & Stanford prison experiment: fed into role, took social role serious -kitty Genovese case

-innocent bystanders: when # of bystanders increase, altruism decreases. Diuffusion of responsibility, mood , gender, appearance -difference between primary(present at birth) & secondary sex characteristics(gained through puberty) -gender identity disorder- tranys -how do we form gender beliefs in a more positive way?

-androgyny: -male and female traits
-how do genders differ socially?
Men and...
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