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Objective II.4

Explain how neurotransmitters affect behavior, and identify the major neurotransmitters.

Key Terms



1. Which of the following statements about neurotransmitters is false? a. Neurotransmitters allow impulses to flow from one neuron to another. b. Neurotransmitters prevent impulses from flowing from one neuron to another. c. Neurotransmitters are stored in the cell bodies of neurons. d. Each neurotransmitter is associated with a unique receptor. e. Unused neurotransmitter are recycled by neurons and used again.

2. Fill in the blank with the appropriate neurotransmitter:

A. _______________ influences eating, alertness, wakefulness. B. _______________ is involved in movement and memory.
C. _______________ affects mood and sleep.
D. _______________ provide pain relief
E. _______________ is involved in attention and movement.

Objective II.5

Explain the difference between the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Key Terms

central nervous system
peripheral nervous system


1. Label each structure as belonging to the (a) central nervous system or (b) peripheral nervous system A. _____ spinal cord
B. _____ nerves that carry messages from the brain to the body C. _____ brain
D. _____ nerves that carry messages from the body to the brain

Objective II.6

Explain the functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Key Terms

sympathetic nervous system
parasympathetic nervous system
autonomic nervous system


1. During an emergency, your ____________________ nervous system prepares you for action. 2. After an emergency passes, your ______________________ nervous system restores your physical functions to a normal state. 3. Nerves that enable your body to carry out involuntary functions are part of the _____________________ nervous system.

Objective II.7

Describe the...
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