Proud To Be a Human Being

Topics: Human, Mobile phone, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Proud To Be a Human Being

When I opened the television, I was surprised because I heard a news that some friendly aliens from a highly developed civilization decided to visit our planet, they would encounter a contradictory race of being-us. I am so happy for their visiting. I hope that I can meet them and communicate with them. I am proud of the human race because of the wonderful inventions, entertainment and unique culture of different countries. It is a good opportunity to introduce the earth to the friendly aliens and shown them what a amazing planet we are living. I think they will love our planet, envy us and want to learn some skills from us after visiting our planet.    Human race is very intelligent and creative. Our science and technology is developing faster and faster. We human have come up with many wonderful inventions that benefit all society. Cure for diseases, Computers, Communication devices, especially the cell phones are some important inventions for us today. For the cure for diseases, with the development in medical technology, the medical technology brings many benefits to humans, especially for health maintenance and continuation of life. There are many advanced medical machines used in the hospital to cure different types of patients. The new technology can lead to better quality of care, increase efficiency, and provide affordable world-class medical services. Also, with the development in the vaccine to prevent the infectious disease, previous large-scale epidemics such as smallpox, bubonic plague is no longer present. Further surgeries continue to progress, directly extend human life. For the computers, it let human life becomes easy and improve the quality of human life and the quality of work to raise the quality of life. Computer can deliver, store up and deal with the information quickly, avoid writing and recording large amounts of data by hand to save time. Computer also can greatly reduce the chance of error. In...
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